I recieved an email from a co-worker today.  He wished me a “MARRY CHRISTMASS.”  Yes, he misspelled it.  This isn’t really the point.  His misspelling was due to english being a second language for him.

He moved here from Jerusalem, and he is an Orthodox Jew.  Yes, that’s right, and Orthodox Jew wishing a Mormon Merry Christmas. 

What is the world coming to?  Doesn’t he know that we are supposed to be devisive, and argumentative towards each other? Doesn’t he realize that my celebration of Christmas is demeaning to his faith?  His Hanukkah celebration is deminished because I believe the Savior has already come?

I also recieved a Christmas gift from a Buhddist co-worker.  It wasn’t anything elaborate, just some candy in a tin.  

Has she forgotten that my Christian faith is oppressive to her?  Doesn’t she know that my domineering faith has worked for centuries to drag her Asian brothers and sisters into the mire of christiandom?

Those of you who disagree with my Jewish freind and Buddhist co-worker, it is time you wake up and realize that we can all live together.  Let’s have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Bodhi.  All you ACLU-types have it all wrong.  Let me put a nativity in my yard, and I will smile as you put your Menorah in your window or burn incence at the foot of a Buddha.

God bless this great country, and God bless it’s diversity.


So, What do you think?