Tsunami Tsolemnity

I mourn with our fellow brothers and sisters in Indonesia.

They were struck by a devistation, that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  It hurts to see the stories of families destroyed, of lives in ruin, of a society distraught.

Some are comparing these events to 9.11.  However, the comparison is extremely limited.  Two particular examples come to mind.

The first comparison that I wish to share is not meant to demean the suffering and hurt of those affected by this.  However, it is a weak comparison to 9.11 because this was a act of nature.  Where 9.11 was an act of men.  The tsunami was a natural shifting of the earth’s crust an not maliciousness was meant.

The second comparison is truly sorrowful.  Almost 22 times the people of 9.11 were killed in this tsunami.  While many still mourn the loss of their friends and family from the twin tower and the Pentagon.  Thousands more will mourn the loss.

Although, the loss in both of these incidents is terrible, tragic, and unforgettable.  These two losses aren’t to be compared, as to do so, would simply misrepresent the important impact that both had on our separate societies.

So, What do you think?