Merry Anniversary and Happy Christmas

Well, it is a little know fact that three years ago, I started blogging by wishing the world a Merry Christmas. So, in commemoration of the world shattering event, I wish you all a Happy Christmas.

There have been some ups and downs with this blog lately, including a move from one server to another. And some of you are eager to see the resurrection of this blogs as there has been more posts in the past few days than has normally been. However, I am afraid that it is all rather misleading, but you will have to wait until Thursday for more information about why things will be dieing around here again. Trust me, this bad news for you is good news for me.

But, I digress, from trying to get you to tune in after Christmas. I simply wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope many good tidings come your way in the New Year.

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