Herbert Takes on Governors for Global Warming

With repeated reports on the catastrophe that is eminent from man-made global warming, The Western Governors Association (or the Governors for Global Warming) several years ago signed the Western Climate Initiative.  This is an agreement from each state to reduce greenhouse gases they produced, in order to prevent global warming.

At the beginning of this week, the WGA met in Park City to discuss Global Warming.  For the most part, Lt. Governor Herbert listened quietly to the presentations.  But when the statement was made that the debate on global warming was over, Herbert questioned that.  He responded, “Help me understand the science if, in fact, the science is conclusive. And, if it’s not, what do we do to get us there as a population so we can actually solve the problem?”

This was a brilliant response.  He didn’t claim out that they are wrong.  Rather, he asked them to prove it too him; He asked to see the “conclusive” science behind man-made global warming.  He, like many and Utah, hasn’t been convinced that global warming is nothing more that natural cycles of the earth’s climate.  And he asked this group to provide him with the proof.

Herbert understands that not everyone is on the global warming bandwagon. “I think people are confused. Most people are ignorant of the issue. They all say it sounds good until all of a sudden you’ve got $4-a-gallon gasoline.” he stated in an interview with the Deseret News.

The standard of proof wasn’t met for Herbert.

When it comes to global warming, I am not confused. I am convinced that global warming is simply a tool by those in power to assert greater control over our lives.  And I believe that Herbert thinks so too.  However, he needs to play his card carefully, and he did a great job that Governors for Global Warming Conference.

I don’t know much about Herbert, and I have been skeptical about his pending Governorship.  However, with reports like these, I am more and more impressed with Herbert.  I might even support him as governor.  I look forward to hearing more from Herbert, and I can’t way to see the changes that he makes, including his decision to on the 4-day work week.

Further to his credit, Herbert isn’t opposed to proper stewardship over our planet and the environment.  He, like myself, doesn’t need the destruction of the earth to motivate him to environmental responsibility.  This is evident when he said, “We are united when it comes to the desire to have clean air and clean water and be good stewards of the earth … regardless of what our motivation may be and what we think the consequences will be if we do not.”

Great job, Lt. Governor.  So far I am liking what I see in you as our potential governor.

Update:  The Lady Logician has a great piece on global warming and whether it is scientific fact.  And if you are interested in an opposing view then check out Jeff Bell’s post.

So, What do you think?