Charter Schools Receive Praise

If you know me, you know that I am a big support of charter schools.  One of my daughters received and excellent education at Summit Academy for 2 years, and if the decision were totally mine, she would probably still be enrolled there.

So, this morning, I found it intriguing that two different sources praised or promoted charter schools.  The first isn’t shocking to me, but might be to most of you.  It is from an Obama crony.  While, I disagree with President Obama on most issues.  I do agree with his support for charter schools.  However, I think that I might take exception to his approach on supporting them.

Utah Policy Daily’s blog posts some interesting ideas on Charter Schools and education from Arne Duncan.  In essence, Robyn Bagley argues that Duncan’s ideas are the free market at work.

That is one of the big positives that I have with charter schools.  They are introducing competition in a market that was once a monopoly.  It is introducing new blood.  Bagley points out also that competition will also be increased among teachers to encourage good teaching.  This is something that I have seen lacking in the present school system for a long time.

The second praise for charter schools is actually praise for Utah’s charter school laws.  According to the Center for Education Reform, Utah is the 4th best Charter School laws in the nation.

Utah only received a B, but when compared to the other systems, it is still the 4th best.  I don’t know what their grading criteria is, and I don’t know exactly why Utah only received a B.  However, I would probably agree with the grade.

There are two reasons that I would give it a B.  The first is because there aren’t enough Charter School in the state.  And the second reason is because they don’t get enough money per pupil. Charter schools receive on average $500-700 less per pupil than traditional schools.

Good job, Utah legislators.  Now let’s not forget that we still have more that we could do, to empower education in Utah.  Let’s start that empowerment by giving parents more options on how to educate there children.


So, What do you think?