Another Example of ClimateGate

A recent article in USA Today discusses the real effect of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.  The article comes from an interview with Ray Weiss from the San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Weiss is a geochemist specializing in atmospheric pollution.  And from what I could read from the article, and other research I did on Weiss, he accepts the premise that global warming is directly related to human events.

I don’t wish to discuss that, however.  The real important thing to take from the article is that Weiss feels that this meeting is all fluff.  Perhaps, the best way to sum his opinion up is with the last quote from Weiss in the article.  He says, “As a parent, unless you set a set of rules, your kids won’t respect them. This summit is no different.”

Weiss is concerned that this summit hasn’t done anything to improve our ability to measure pollution.  While each country has made a commitment to reduce the pollution.  There is still not effective way of measuring it.

Why would this conference not be interested in creating effective ways of measuring pollution?  The theory that seems to best fit is that they aren’t worried about it because they don’t want to measure it effectively.  They don’t want to measure it effectively, because it won’t matter.  They will still push their agenda any way.

This is just another example of ClimateGate to me.  Why make a promise, if you have no way of substantiating that you met the requirements.

Unfortunately, Weiss doesn’t get it.  I believe that Weiss is sincere in his desire to reduce pollution in hopes of stopping global warming.  However, the people that pay his bills aren’t as sincere.  They just want to have big meetings in luxurious hotels to talk about all the good they are doing.

Beyond that, This meeting isn’t about trying to find a solution to global warming.  Rather, it is a means to a completely different end.  It is about increasing the role of government influence in our lives.  It is about controlling us and keeping us from being free.


    1. I don’t argue that they haven’t. I am simply taking the information from Weiss, who says that the measurements are effective. He argues that improvements need to be made in the way it is measured, and this summit does not seem interested in discussing it. I will yield to Weiss’s expertise on the matter.

    1. No, I am saying that this is just fluff. If they really wanted to fix the problem then they would be listening to people like Weiss and actually talk about real world matters. Talk about how to effectively measure the changes. Instead, they are simply talking about fixing the problem with no teeth behind it.

So, What do you think?