Deseret News Hypocrisy

When I first read the headline, Legislators’ Survey Are Not Exactly Unbiased, I couldn’t help but think: “pot meet kettle.”

What is the Deseret News thinking accusing the Republican Legislators of using biased polls?  I have cited on this site several incidences of such bias.  Oh, just for the fun of it, let look at a few examples (listed in order of newest to oldest):

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And yet, they have the gall to accuse Repuplican Legislators of having a bias.  What makes it worse, is they interview Pat Jones, the Demorcat Senator, and wife to Dan Jones (yes the Dan Jones talked about in the above link).  What does she have to say about biased surveys: “No professional pollster would ever ask questions like some Republicans are if they wanted to measure real public opinion, Sen. Jones adds.”

Well, thank you very much Senator Jones.  We now know that your husband doesn’t want to measure real public opinion.  Oh, and I guess since the Deseret News also publishes these supposed poll results, we should also note that the Deseret News doesn’t want to measure real public opinion.

Don’t get me wrong.  I hate the surveys that the Republican Party puts out.  A few years back I refused to answer one of the surveys strictly because of the bias in the survey.  Sure the bias was towards my end of the political spectrum.  But I don’t like biased surveys.  It tells me just the exact opposite of what Dave Hansen claims in the Deseret News article.  I feel like they don’t care about my opinion when I read such questions.

However, I hold the Deseret News and Dan Jones more at fault when weighing these two infractions.  First, you have to take into consideration that Legislators aren’t even amateur pollsters.  They are simply women and men, looking to touch base with their constituents.  When you think about Dan Jones, you can’t help but realize that he is a so called professional pollster.  He knows better, and yet he continues to ask biasing questions.

Second, the Deseret News has a responsibility to publish the truth.  If they don’t publish the truth, then they must have a reason behind the publication.  It is most like to try and persuade political opinion.  These legislators aren’t publishing these results.  I would guess most of them don’t even really know how to interpret the results.  They simply want to provide a venue to hear from their constituents.  Perhaps it may influence how they vote, but the fact is, they already have an opinion on most of the issues already.  So, no survey results will sway their opinion.

I wrote a shorter version of this post in the comments section of the web article.  As you can see, it wasn’t published.  I guess they don’t want to admit that they were caught red handed.  It is absurd that the Deseret News would consider this article non-incriminating.  But yet again, we find that they are trying to sway public opinion away from the Republican Party.

Sure, the Utah GOP is wrong, but they aren’t as bad as the Deseret News.  And I say shame on Joe Cannon and the editorial board of the Deseret news.

So, What do you think?