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I have this very heightened sense of self-importance, and I believe that many of you are wondering where I am and what have I been doing. The fact is that many of you are probably glad that you have had one less thing to read on the Internet. And most of you forgot that I even existed.

Despite my understanding that most of you don’t care, i will let you know what I have been doing these past few month. Mostly, I have just been busy. I work in the ocean shipping industry and May to October or November is our busy season. As a result, I have had a lot of work that needed to be done, and not a lot of time for personal pleasures.

That said, I have had some personal time. I just haven’t been choosing to spend it on this site. Intead, I have been speding most of my time indexing. But that is getting head of the story.

Back in May 2010, our Stake President encouraged all members of his stake to get more involved in Family History. He encouraged us to do the research needed so that our Ancestors could enjoy the blessings of the temple.

At the time, I had the privilege and responsibility to attend some classes on family history work. While in those classes I learned about FamilySearch Indexing. It looked interesting, and it looked like something that I could do to help fulfill the Stake President’s request that we get more involved.

So, I remember it was Memorial Day weekend of 2010, that I downloaded the software from the website, and started to index. Since then, I have gotten my family involved in indexing, specifically my wife and one of our daughters, Miss Joe. I have also helped many other people in our ward in indexing as well. But again I am getting a head of myself.

For those of you who don’t know, FamilySearch Indexing is a means to making the worlds records available to the world on the Internet. While many of the records that have been recorded are still available to people. They are usually only in book or image format. Thus making them very difficult for search for them on the Internet. Through the FamilySearch Indexing program. Volunteers from around the world are transcribing this information into a large database so that people can find the records to do their own family history research. Once the transcription is complete for each project, the information is made available at the recently updated FamilySearch website. It is a massive project that is being completed at a great pace because of thousands of volunteers.

Since I started indexing back in May, I was called as one of four Ward Family History Consultants in our Ward. So, I have decided that I need to do more that just indexing to fulfill the Stake President’s request to do more family history work. So, I have started working on my family history. Without going into the boring details, let me just say that I have spent more of my time cleaning up records, and confirming information that I already have in my family records and church records.

But as a Family History Consultant, my responsibility goes beyond just doing my own family research. I am also responsible for helping my neighbors do their research. As part of that I have helped teach classes on family history. But the classes that I have enjoyed the most is the classes I have taught (or co-taught with my wife) on FamilySearch Indexing.

If you haven’t tried indexing, but you have even a small interest in family history research. I would encourage you to visit the FamilySearch Indexing website, and learn more about it. I would especially encourage you to download the program, and give it a try.

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