Lonsberry is Back

I really am excited about the latest news. Okay, it isn’t really the latest. Lonsberry has been hinting at it for weeks, and he finally wrote about it on his own website today. So, in this crazy Internet world, I am a little slow in commenting on this. But I must share my enthusiasm.

I was one of the many people who wrote the various radio station in Utah asking them to put Bob back on the air. I received no response of any of the stations that I wrote, but I wasn’t really expecting any. However, I did get the response I wanted from one of these station. That response was actually airing Lonsberry in Utah.

I have always been a fan of 1430 KLO. I first discovered KLO radio when I was looking for where I might hear Michael Medved in Utah. When I lived up in Washington for three short months many years ago, I enjoyed his commentary and debate. But when I moved back to Utah, there was no place to listen to Medved in Utah. However, KLO came to the rescue. My only dilemma was whether to listen to Medved or Dr. Laura. And slowly but surely, Medved won out.

I also have enjoyed some of the programming of 1430 KLO, specifically Laura Ingraham. While at times she gets a little to heavy in radio antics and rumor mongering. She can still be rather entertaining and definitely informative (if you can sift out the tripe). But I like Ingraham.

With Rusty Humphries in the evening, this makes for a great line up on the radio. I really see little reason to change the radio dial. Sure I will be missing out on some the best radio. But I have gotten tired for Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck never really interested me all that much. He was fun, but I always had questions about him, so I can live without him. And I have never really like Sean Hannity. So, the only reason I can see to leave KLO is to listen to Dave Ramsey, and to avoid Michael Savage.

But that is a major tangent in this discussion.

Utah finally has a conservative voice in Utah, again. I remember the first day that Lonsberry was on the air in Utah. I had been a minor KNRS listener (back then they called it K-News or something like that). Bob Lee was their local radio talk show host, and he was okay, but still didn’t speak to my political views. They took Bob Lee off of the air, and replaced him with a morning talk host name Bob Lonsberry.

When I first heard him with is voice for newspapers, I thought that they had hired an 70 year old gentleman to fill the air for the morning. But I decided that I would give Lonsberry a shot. I mean he couldn’t be any worse than Doug Wleft or any of the other locos (I mean locals).

I was sold on Lonsberry when I first heard him discussing and LDS topic. It was refreshing. It was new. It was something I had never heard on Utah Radio. And then I heard him explain why he discussed LDS issues. And hearing his philosophy that we live in predominately LDS community, so we shouldn’t shy away from LDS issues, had me sold. I became a Lonsberry fan in every sense of the word. I finally understood fully why I liked listening to his show.

Knowing that I heard him on his first day on the air in Utah. I personally claim to be his longest listening fan in Utah. I am glad that I get to keep listening. Because Bob is the only conservative voice in Utah that talks about issues in a way that I agree with.

Now, Bob and I don’t agree on every issue. Don’t get me started about our difference in taste for peanut butter. Chunky is better, and Bob is wrong about creamy. However, if Bob and I agreed on everything, then I would be worried.

Anyway, for all of you fans joining me on Monday morning at 5:00am. Yes, i said 5:00am. Let’s rejoice in this great news for Utah. I plan on listening while I start a new workout program. Another great reason to listen to Bob. He motivates me to exercise.


  1. I’m glad to see Bob back, if only because every other radio host in Utah treats Mormonism like the elephant in the room. I’m wondering if Bill Bennett’s show will still air in Utah anywhere.

    And since we’re revealing our talk radio schedules: Bennett (now Lonsberry, if I’m ever awake that early); Beck; alternating hours between Limbaugh & Prager; Medved; Levin; maybe a little Nightside on KSL; Coast 2 Coast (great ideas for a sci-fi comic author 😛 )

  2. I agree with all of your choices, accept the Nightside Project. I have to admit that I struggle listening to KSL because they are the kings at ignoring the elephant you talk about it. And of all stations they should probably love the elephant rather than pretend it isn’t there.

    That said, I feel that the Nightside project tries too hard to be entertaining. It doesn’t feel natural or sincere. It comes across as contrived. I just don’t like it.

    Oh, and I don’t listen to coast to coast. It once gave me nightmares, and I just find it hard to go back.

    Where to you listen to Prager in the afternoon, I thought that he was on in the evening on KLO. And I do like him.

  3. Little bit of sad news. The Big Show has been bumped back a couple of days. It now won’t start until Wednesday. Same time at 5:00am.

    I guess if I can wait 7 months what is another couple of days. Right? Right????

So, What do you think?