Balance the Budget but Don’t Amend

I support a balanced budget.  I have balanced my budget.  My wife have been living a debt free lifestyle for over 3 years now.  It was a tough road, but well worth the effort.  We have to cut back.  I can’t buy all the toys that I want, and our children don’t wear the most fashionable clothing.  However, we manage to rough life with some nice things, and we are happy.

I support our government living with a balanced budget.  We need to get our government back in line, and we need to stop the excessive spending of money that we do not have.

If you follow the Republican Party in Utah, the phrase of the day is Balance the Budget.  It’s a great theme to run a campaign on.  It’s something that most of us can agree on.  I admit I agree with it.  However, most politicians, included my most favored candidate for the new 4th district, likes to add another word to the phrase balanced budget.

And that word is amendment.  Balanced budget amendment is the real catch phrase in Utah Republican politics, and problem in other parts of the United States as well.

However, As I have expressed in the past, I am not a big fan of amending the Constitution.  That isn’t to say that I am opposed to any amendment to the Constitution because it is fundamentally wrong.  I don’t believe that.  There are reasons and times when an amendment is necessary.

The question is now the right time? And is a balanced budge the right reason?

It sure looks like the right time.  It sure seems that if we don’t do this now it will never get done.  However, the bigger of the two question is whether this is the right thing to do.

Sure, I would love to hold our legislators accountable for their actions.  Arguably they are the one’s that got us into this mess.

However, forcing their hand will lead to further corruption.

The only way that you could safely pass a balanced budge amendment is to add certain rules of exceptions.  A whole bunch of legalese gobble-dee gook that will mess up the process.

One of those exceptions will surely be for cases of war.

Let’s remember who has the power to declare war.  That’s right, the same people who have control over the budget.  So, if these people want more money.  What is there to stop them from declaring war.

Sound too extreme?  Don’t believe it will happen?  Remember all the promises made when social security was created.  Are any of those promises broken?  Has there been any corruptions from that.

I only use ware as one example of the corruption that could develop because of a balanced budget amendment.  Our best and only bet to prevent further corruption in the government is to elect good citizens.  Men and women whose hearts are in the right place, but also have he will to stand up to the already powerful evils that exist in the government.

Don’t amend.  Just elect the right people for the job.

So, What do you think?