Here’s a little Utah news that you might not know about, but hopefully find interesting.

A company with a large employee base in Utah will be protested by Occupy LA, Occupy Oakland, and maybe even Occupy Seattle.

Who are they protesting? SSA Marine

When? Today.

Why? Because the Occupy movement claims that SSA Marine is owned by Goldman-Sachs.

I know this in part because I work for SSA Marine.  I have worked with them for 8 years now and it has been a great company to work for.

But the point of this piece to show how ill-informed the Occupy movement is.  First, SSA Marine is not owned by Goldman-Sachs.  About 6 years ago, Goldman-Sachs purchased 49% of the shares SSA Marine’s parent company, Carrix Corporation.  The other 51% is owned by the Smith-Hemingway family.  The family has and always will maintain controlling rights of Carrix Corporation, because it is a family business.

That’s right, a family business.  Occupy isn’t protesting a big corporation, but instead they are protesting a family business, that hires people to get a job done and thus supporting other families.

That is just one of the many lies that Occupy is operating under.  If they do know the facts, then they are lying.  If they don’t they are operating under a false premise.  I could share other examples of misinformation in the protest, but I think this is a good enough example of the lies being told.

One other important note.  Occupy is only protesting SSA Marine.  Not any of the other ports along the west coast.  If you are in the ocean shipping industry then you probably know that SSA Marine is the only terminal operator in the United States that is owned by a United States based company.

So, in my eyes, Occupy isn’t protesting for a better America.  They are protesting the heart of America.  Home-grown American business, with American employees who are working hard to feed their families.

Prior to this incident, I didn’t give much thought the Occupy than an annoyance.  Now, I know full well that they aren’t for the America that I believe in.

So, What do you think?