Because My Opinion Can’t Fit in a Meme

So, it has been a long, more than 5 year, hiatus since I posted here regularly.  I have a hundred different things that have been keeping me from posting often, and none of them are very good (except maybe being a father and serving in my community and church).  But I have decided to make blogging more of a priority again.

There are several reasons why I am posting again, mostly I am doing this to try and use my time more effectively.  I have enjoyed many fruitless activities in my life, but I feel that they have been too much of a distraction from more important issues in the world. A distraction from things like God and country.

I am also starting back up because I am tired of the bumper sticker politics of the new millennium called the “meme.”  Don’t get me wrong some memes have accurate and good information.  But so often it is difficult to capture the full message and truth of a principle in the few words that a meme allows. So, in order to contribute more depth to the conversation I am going to start blogging.

While in the past I have tried to focus more on local Utah issues, I am planning on making the content here a little more national in tone and direction.  I won’t completely abandon Utah issues, and I still plan on including some personal posts like dutch oven recipes, hobbies and personal information.  But the content will be more focused on the state of the nation.

I will also be focusing more on religious issues, the nations moral decline and the fall of historically traditional American values.  While I will occasionally address issues specific to my faith (LDS), I am planning on taking a more broad approach to Christianity and faith in general.

I hope you will join me in this journey.  If you disagree, please comment.  If you agree, please comment.  If think that what I have posted will be interesting to others, then please share with them.  I am hoping the broaden and deepen the discussion of the direction of our country and I would love you help.

Also, while you are still here, can you take a moment to like my Facebook Page?  I hope to also use this to discuss issues and to share with you several posts and other articles I find interesting but perhaps not something I have time to dedicate time to on this page.

So, What do you think?