Trump’s Values are Not Utah Values

I honestly didn’t expect that the Trump campaign would just lie down and ignore Utah.  It’s actually a little refreshing to see that the candidates (from all parties) feel a need to campaign in Utah. I hope that it doesn’t turn dirty in Utah, like I believe that it does in other states.  And so far it hasn’t been too bad.  However, when It gets closer to November, I am afraid that will change.

However, I am a little shocked to see some of the names on a recent endorsement for Mr. Trump. It tells me that these men are more about the party than they are about principles.  And while I would like to think that Representative Love’s non-endorsement was a good sign, I actually feel it has to do more with political strategy than disagreement with policy or personality.  Fortunately, I can still hang my hat on Senator Lee.

But these endorsements are not what have me upset.  I am angered that the Founder of Trump for President Utah, Don Paey, would try to sell Trump to Utahns based on similar family values.  Does he really think we are that stupid?

Reading the article and not just the title is very revealing.  It says very little about the presidential candidate.  It actually talks more about Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka than it does about Trump.  And while I accept that they are great kids, and I feel like they have some great values.  That doesn’t mean the Trump’s values are anywhere similar to mine.

What are Trump’s values? Looking simply at the Wikipedia page for Donald Trump, we learn almost all we need to know. He divorced his first wife due to infidelity. An infidelity that he doesn’t seem feel a need to repent of. He also sued his wife after the divorce.  That doesn’t seem like the values I was raised with. Now, I believe that people can change. I believe in forgiveness, and I wouldn’t hold this against Trump accept for the fact that he doesn’t seem to feel a need to repent, so do I have anything to forgive him of?

There are also the blatant lies that Trump has said on the campaign trail. Some of the big ones are Trump’s not denying the lie about Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz, his change on immigration, and his self-funded campaign (just to name a few).  There are also other values that don’t mesh with Utah like his foul language on the campaign trail, and other general rudeness.  These are not Utah values.  They may be the direction of future Utah values, but they aren’t the values I teach my children.

I get that Mr. Peay’s job is to promote his candidate in the state of Utah.  I get that he has an uphill battle that won’t be easily won.  But if you are going to sell Trump to Utahns, maybe you should just avoid the topic of values.  But then I would be writing a post about Trump’s ability to change and say what he needs to get him the vote.

So, What do you think?