Presidential Candidate Preview: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson from Flickr via Wylio
© 2009 wolf4609, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

So, Governor Gary Johnson is making headlines because of his gaff regarding Aleppo, Syria.  Okay, I admit I am not the strongest on world politics, and I am not running for office.  However, If someone had asked me the exact same question: “What would you do, if elected president, about Aleppo?” I would have had no idea what he was talking about.  If he had added either the words “Syria” or “refugees” to his question I would have understood him and I think I could have given a competent answer.  So, I honestly think the wording of the question was intended to trip up Governor Johnson.

So let me ask, what about you.  Be honest.

Personally, I believe that  if Johnson was Trump, he would probably have another jump in the polls and not a drop.  But because Johnson is a third party candidate (and not Trump) he will be held to a higher standard and this will cause another drop.  Perhaps enough to keep his polling too low to demand a place in the debates. But I am not writing to address the gaff, I want to look at him as a candidate.

With Trump in the race, I was really hoping for a Libertarian candidate I could get behind.  Alas, we have Johnson.  I am not opposed to Johnson because of his goofy nature.  I am opposed because of many of his policies.

First, from a party perspective, most libertarians support the legalizing of three activities that are morally wrong.  They want to legalize prostitution, recreational use of marijuana, and abortion.  I have huge issues with all of these.  Especially from a national perspective.  If I felt confident that they sang the tune of the Constitutionalist that “we should let the states decide,” then I could look beyond these difference (not abortion, that is a constitutionally national issue).

Now onto Johnson’s stance on marriage.  Johnson has said in his campaign the homosexuals should have the right to marry.  Again, I believe that from a strictly political perspective that this is a state’s right and not a national issue.  The constitution says nothing about marriage, and thus, if it is to be debated and legislated then it should be a state decision and not a national issue.

Johnson is also in favor of open borders.  This is an interesting approach to the illegal immigration issue, and I personally haven’t fully vetted it in my mind yet.  But I suspect that their argument is the same as legalizing illegal drugs.  Legalize it then it won’t be popular anymore.  And I believe that is the wrong approach, especially when you have neighboring countries in such turmoil.

I am also not in favor of completely abandoning our commitment to assisting other nations with protection.  While I don’t think we should be in countries where we are not invited.  I think that we can be a nice neighbor and assist countries who can’t protect themselves from invading influences.  Mostly because it will provide protection for us in the long run.

Now that we have discussed Johnson’s problems.  I should highlight some of the positives.  I agree with his stance on limited government and fewer taxes. His experience with cutting wasteful spending is a great way to accomplish both of those goals.  I have been pleading for that for years.

I also like his desire to decrease regulations on businesses. This is also very important to me as a voter and as a consumer. We help our economy and increase government revenues through less business regulations.

So Johnson has some great qualities, and I am seriously considering voting for him.  The issues that I have mentioned are important to me, and I don’t know if I can leap the hurdles that are necessary to get me to votee for him.  However, I time will see.  I am watching polls, I am watching news, and I am waiting to see if now is the time to support a Libertarian candidate.  But they haven’t convinced me, yet.

So, What do you think?