Faith Under Attack: Media’s Corruption of Christian Values

One of the primary reasons for my picking up the proverbial pen and blogging again, was because of lack of traditional Christian values in our day. I am not so naive as to believe that these values haven’t been waning for generations.  But I do feel that they are on the brink of becoming extinct.

I am especially impressed with Matt Walsh’s continued pleading with his fellow Christian’s to start living the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught. He calls for them to not try and fit their faith around their sins, but rather to use their faith to help them overcome sin. I don’t wish to pick on Christians alone.  This is more than a problem in select religious communities.  It is a problem with our modern culture. And I don’t wish to imply that it is unique to the 21st century.

Faith has been under attack since I was a child and much longer.  Because modern television is getting so steeped in values that don’t fit with mine, I have had to turn to other forms of entertainment.  And since YouTube annoys me with 10-minute bites. I often turn to my favorite shows from the 80s, shows like Family Ties, Different Strokes, Quantum Leap, the A-Team, and especially game shows. I am not saying that this is great entertainment, but it is something to kill time.

I am especially amazed at the sexual innuendo in the game shows I loved so much, like Family Fued, $25,000 Pyramind, and Win, Lose, or Draw.  Sure the remakes of today are even worse, but even back then I can’t believe how little they valued wholesome entertainment.  This is especially concerning when I thought game shows were family entertainment.

What has amazed me is how much from these shows the traditional Christian values are either ignored, mocked, or violated.  I remember one of my favorite shows from the turn of the century was called The District.  It was about the police department in the District of Columbia.  My favorite character from the show was Detective Temple Page. I liked him for several reasons, but the main reason that I liked him was because finally (so I thought) a TV character who chooses chastity.  He and his fiance had committed to remain celibate until they married. Little did I know that the moral of that story was that his fiance was going to die, and thus not only was he going to mourn the loss of his love, he also was regretful that he had never been with her.  That is such the wrong message and a true Christian would have recognized the beauty of his decision despite the tragedy of her death.

Another example fro the 90s is the show Home Improvement. I don’t remember which of the sons it was, but I remember the plot was about one of the sons possible having sex with his girlfriend.  Using teenage sexuality as a plot device isn’t the problem. The problem is how the episode ended. The son and Tim Taylor were having a heartfelt talk about the boy being old enough before having sex. The son asked when he would know if he was old enough to have sex. Then Tim Taylor gave the absolute worst answer. “I will tell you when you are old enough.” The correct answer would have been something like, “You are old enough to have sex with a women when you are old enough to be committed to her for the rest of your life.”

It gets increasingly difficult to live by these standards when you have constant messages deploring such behavior.  One starts to question the benefits of living a life of promise when the images you see on television state that these promises are false. This attack is having a real affect and we need to start fighting back.

Media’s attack on Christian values is just one way that they are under attack.  I started this post with another subject in mind, but I felt like this was needed to lay an important foundation for the next attack I want to discuss.  So, I am going to call this part one of two.  Tomorrow, I will discuss another way that Christian values are under attack.

So, What do you think?