Presidential Candidate Preview: Evan McMillan

So, I was holding off on mentioning any of the Presidential candidates until something newsworthy came up about them.  The problem is that the two front runners for the office of POTUS are such jokes, there isn’t enough media time to give any of the tertiary candidates free air time.  Not to mention, that most of the rest of the candidate are too stable to ever warrant air time because of something outrageous they did.

Until now, I haven’t spent a lot of time studying McMillan.  While I think he is sincere in his candidacy, I believe that he is a Mitt Romney plant.  I am not opposed to Romney nor to his tirades against Donald Trump.  I am opposed to many of Romney’s plans.  I found him to be a moderate that wasn’t much different than the Bushes.  So, I have placed McMillan as the Moderate Republican candidate.

So, my new first impression of McMillan is actually pretty good.  I started with is Issues page on his website.  And can I say “Wow. There is a lot of depth to this candidate.”  He covers a broad range of topics from Poverty to Health Care and from International Relations to the Second Amendment.  And many of these are not just a few sentences about the subject. They are well thought out positions and essays.  They are also for the most part one’s that really take a side and in some cases they take the politically challenging side.

I find him a bit weak on his fight against taxes.  Sure he says that he wants to reduce taxes, but his plan isn’t much more than a surface description, and I don’t think it goes far enough.  I also think that he is weak on trade.  I like the focus on getting more exports, but I wonder if he is too focused and free trade agreements over lowering taxes on Americans as the solution.  And while he wants to eliminate ObamaCare, I am afraid that his solution isn’t much different than what Romney’s would be.

Despite some of these drawbacks, and a few others, McMillan has some positives.  He wants to eliminate Common Core.  I love that he wants to restore States rights and limiting the Federal Governments powers.  Finally, and this is a big one for me, he wants to reduce the national debt, I wish he had a plan on how to do that, but he at least says he will reduce it.

While, McMillan is not the perfect candidate for me, he seems like a good options.  He definitely sounds like a Mitt Romney.  He also comes across as more Anti-Trump than he does Anti-Clinton.  So, to that extent he looks more like a spoiler than a real candidate.

The jury is still out for me, but after this review I think more positively about McMillan.  He may have even surpassed Gary Johnson in my list of top candidates for my vote.

So, What do you think?