Why Character Matters

The title of this post is a statement not a question. Over the weekend I came back from a scout camp with my son to find out that two very deplorable (word choice is very intentional) announcements were made regarding our the two main party candidates. One candidate had many of her emails leaked to reveal the corruptions in her campaign. The other candidate had a video released showing his misogynistic attitude.

The purpose of this post however isn’t so much about these individual events.  Rather it is about the character of the candidates.  The reason that the 2016 Presidential Race is so different from others is because it is about character and not about principles.  Perhaps, that should be worded that it is about the lack of character and not about principle.

It is amazing to me to see how many people are justifying their voting for Trump because his potty mouth (and perhaps even potty actions) isn’t as bad is Clinton’s actions.  And I have to agree. I think that Clinton is terrible.  Clinton is not fit for the White House, and she should step down.  She is impeachable. But Trump ‘s character isn’t much better.  This is like saying, well, I am going to have the poop milk shale over the poop sandwich, because at least the milkshake isn’t as disgusting as the sandwich.

Wake up!

They are both disgusting. They are both deplorable. They are both unfit for the presidency. It has been refreshing to see the rise in positive comments about one of the alternative candidates.  One that I have spoken about before.  I might just be voting for him because he actually has the chance of winning a few states. But I am getting off topic.

What we see here is that this election is not about the principles and policies of these candidates.  It is so bad, that I don’t see anyone talking about the debate last night between the two front runners.  I think that many have decided that it isn’t worth talking about.  I can’t wait to see some viewing numbers, but they are probably so bad no one will publish them.

I want a race where we are discussing issues, not character. I want policy to be the focus of my Presidential candidates, not character.  As such, we need to have women and men with character running for these offices.  We need women and men who out children can look to as role models.  We used to have that (for the most part) with the Republican Party, but that is now lost.

Now is the time for an alternative candidate.  I can’t wait to see who rises, because if their platform is close enough to my ideology, then I will be voting for them.

Photo Credit: Joseph Duplessishttp://www.npg.si.edu/exh/brush/ben.htm, Public Domain, Link

So, What do you think?