Clinton woos Mormons

With the apparent demise of the Trump campaign in Utah, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to gain voters to her side. So, what does she do.  She uses religion.

I respect that they are trying win in Utah. I like that Utah is getting some recognition as a data, nad that we are no longer a fly over state.  And finally, I am glad that they didn’t hoose to go negative. Because even though that could have been an easy approach for this campaign, it would have failed.

However, trying to convince me that I should vote for Clinton using the two messages in this video does not work. The two message are first vote for Clinton because she loves children, look she wrote a book about it.  The second is to vote for Clinton because other Mormons are doing it.

While the selected paragraphs that they read from Clinton’s book, It Takes a Village, gives in impression that government is only a small part of the “village” that raises a child, the reality is that the Clinton campaign wants to take total control of our children’s lives.  They already have a grasp on our children’s education which is a major part of most children’s lives.  They want more. They want government to replace the family.

Regarding the message that we should vote for Clinton because other Mormons are doing it is one of the weakest and oldest arguments in history. The Deseret News explains who the Mormons for Hillary in this video are. But I don’t recognize any of the faces, and after reading the article, I still don’t know much about them.  Are they supposed to be notable people in Utah? Are they supposed to have influence in this state?  Okay, I admit, Some of the people in the video so have some influence, but not over me and I would guess most of the state.  Perhaps they are just trying to soften the blow for those few Mormons who are considering making the leap. But it sounds like an “everyone-else-is-doing-it” kind of argument and it doesn’t work for me.

The reality is that if you are a constitutional conservative then voting for Clinton is not an option.  You know she wants to increase the power and reach of government.  She wants to increase it in our children’s lives, increase it in our environment and the lands that we love.  You also know that Clinton is pro-abortion and anti-gun.  Clinton is not the choice for most liberty loving people, and I believe that most Mormons are liberty loving people.

Nice try Clinton Campaign.  But I have to say this is an ad that doesn’t work.  But you did get some media attention for a while, so I guess you have that going for you.

Photo credit: Snap shot from Mormons For Hillary ad.

So, What do you think?