Presidential Candidate Preview: Darrell Castle

When I am not a fan of the Republican candidates that are available to vote for, I tend to lean towards the Constitution party candidate.  Their party platform is the closest to my political leaning and I know that if they were elected that I could feel confident that they would make and support laws that would reflect my ideology.

Recently, Glenn Beck gave his endorsement of Darrell Castle, and I understand why, but I want to review his platform myself.  Perhaps the best place to learn about a candidate in the 21st century is to look at the website for information about a candidate’s political views and the direction he wishes to take the nation.

First, Castle’s stated platform is fairly cut and dried constitutional conservative. First, he promises to use the constitution as his guide.  Oh how I wish we heard more of that from the Republicans.  He also wants to withdraw from the United Nations. That is not a big positive for me, but it isn’t a negative either. He also would like to put an end to the Federal Reserve, which is a big deal and I hope that it happens one day.  He is also a pro-life supporter.

Castle is also strong on run rights. He states, “Armed people are free people because they have the means of resistance in their hands. The American colonists were threatened with disarmament by the British and they rose to rebellion. Defense of one’s self and family is everyone’s responsibility.” Castle understands that this nation’s liberty is best held in the hands of its citizens.

One of my concerns with Castle is his overriding negativity.  He sounds defeated.  He doesn’t sound like he believes the United States can come out of the hole.  His discussion of the Terminal Decline of America is just one example of this overarching negativity.

Also, the Castle campaign gives me a bit of a feel of being self promotion campaign.  You know what I mean it an I wrote a book, I write a blog, and here is my podcast campaign.  I need to boost my numbers so, let me run a campaign.  I don’t mean to be too negative, because right now, he is one of my favorites in this race.  I just want to point out, that he really doesn’t seem all that sincere about winning.

I really couldn’t find any issue that I had a difference with Castle on.  It might be because his website isn’t as content rich as I would like it to be.  But it could also be that he and the Constitution Party are more in line with my thinking than I realize.  Castle definitely warrants my consideration and I might be joining Glenn Beck.  But I won’t be making any decisions just yet.

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So, What do you think?