Pillar Six: Arts and Recreation

With all the news lately, I have neglected one of my favorite projects.  So let’s look at pillar six of the Seven Pillars of Society.  For the sixth pillar I would like to review society’s art and recreation.

Art is obviously the creative side of any community.  This can include paintings, sculpture, literature, music, and plays. Art through the years has often been thought to be a representation of society. It can be a reflection of the beauty, darkness, or psyche of the people who lived in the time of the art.  But art can also have a great influence on the other pillars of society.

The other half of this pillar is recreation.  This can vary from how people chose to rest, relax and enjoy themselves.  This can obviously be in things like plays and music, but it also includes things like sports, travel, and food.  Recreation is perhaps more of an out put from the other pillars like art.  However, the way people recreate can also impact the other pillars.

When I contemplate art and recreation in their relationship with the other pillars, it is obvious how religion has influenced art.  But Art can also influence religion.  For example, depictions of Joseph Smith that inaccurately represented how the Golden Plates were translated have had drastic effects on some members of the Latter-day Saints when they discovered that the pictures they are familiar with aren’t accurate.

Recreation can also affect how families spend their time. If a family loves sports, they may spend their weekends on the fields of the neighborhood park.  If they prefer the movies then they will be in theaters. Or those who prefer the great outdoors will be out camping. Recreation has also be adopted into many government programs, laws, and policies.

I have been struggling to find a time when a society was centered around arts and recreation.  And that may because we don’t have to go back in history.  We only have to look at today.  The options available in the United States for arts, entertainment, and recreation are almost limitless.  They have become even more readily available to us with the Internet and video streaming.

I don’t know that anyone can really predict what this will ultimately lead to in society, but I feel that it is becoming a problem.  If for no other reason that they fact that we are distracted from things that matter most.  Many are bored with political and government issues.  Many find religion to either be unnecessary and useless because they are satiated through their tubes.  There are also some who are sacrificing family, education, and careers to seek more time to become the next youtube star.

The ultimate destiny of our society is not known, but if it ends terribly, I believe that it may be due to our entertainment-based society.  I feel that too many of us have allowed recreation to be more important part of our lives, then is healthy.

Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain

So, What do you think?