Faltering Faith

I have been wanting to post this for a while but I feel inadequate.  I just don’t feel like I am qualified to judge the faith of another. While I am a man of faith, I also believe that unrighteous judgement is wrong. Also my beliefs are considered non-traditional by even the most radical of Christian religions.

Further I feel that this will come across poorly.  Either I will be seen as being holier than thou or I will be accused of bashing another’s faith.  Rest assured that my intent is not to question another’s faith, nor is it to put down the tenets that one hold dears.

My intent it to encourage all (including myself) to do some deep introspection about what they believe, what they practice, and why they believe as they do. Because I honestly feel that the number one reason we have the two main presidential candidates we do today is because we as citizens of the United states have lost our foundation in a faith that relies upon a higher power.

So, with that I am starting a new series on our faltering father in the United States.  In this series I hope to discuss how we, the people of the United States (and I might even be so bold to twist it to the World), have twisted (or allows the devil to twist) our religion into something that condones our mistakes, our poor actions, and our flat out sin.

We no longer look to the Church as a place to seek forgiveness. We no longer turn to the Church for instruction on how we can improve.  We no longer expect a chastisement for inappropriate behavior.  Rather we see the Church as a means comfort us in our sins.  We see the pastor as a person who minimizes our infractions to a point that everything is okay.

As part of this, I am going to be asking several questions.  Questions about how the Church treats us or how we treat the Church.  Some of these questions are:

Does your faith ask and encourage you to do better at obeying commandments?

Does your faith require sacrifice of your time, your talents, and your money?

Does your faith teach you that God blesses those financially who seek it?

Do you find yourself running from a church because it requires too much of you?

Do you look to your church as a means to provide you opportunities to serve your fellow man?

I readily admit that I am seeing the world through the lens of a Latter-day Saint.  This colors my vision of God, faith, and religion. Please share with me how my ideas may be corrected for a Christian, Catholic, or other religion may benefit from my ideas. I would love for there to be a respectful dialogue about this, because I don’t have the answers, I just have sincere concerns.

One final note, I mean for this series to be universal.  As such, I will make little mention of my faith in Christ or of the scriptures.  I would hope that you see this as an attempt to be more broad in scope than just the Christian faith.  But because of my faith and reliance upon our Savior it will have some very obvious Christian tones.

Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain

So, What do you think?