False Dichotomies: Trump vs. Clinton

Well, for the first time I was actually able to watch about 30 minutes of the debate.  What can I say, I am a busy father of six who also volunteers for my church. As I watched the debate, one thing became clear to me.  There isn’t much difference between these two candidates.

If you listened to either of them and their campaigns they will try to get you to believe that they are different.  However, the fact is that most of the information you hear that you should vote for me because I am not as bad as the other option. Can you believe he said this? Can you believe she did that? She is worse than me because she said this? He is worse than me because me because he did this?  They rarely focus on their own achievements because, well, there aren’t many.

Besides there general incompetence for the office of President, there are many other ways they aren’t very different. Let’s address just a few of them.

Probably the characteristic that they have in common the most is that they are both compulsive liars.  I can’t trust either of them.  Whether it is Clinton lying about the whereabouts of the delete key on her computer, or Trump lying about the Trump University Scandal.  They are both consistent liars.  Neither of them are very good at it, but they do it so often, I don’t know if they even remember how to tell the truth.

Both Clinton and Trump want to increase the size of government.  Granted the areas that they want to extend the reach is different, but when all is said and done it is an increase in the scope of government.  Clinton wants to expand government into our wallets to take money to give to more special interest projects to “care for the poor,” “help single mothers,” “pay for college,” and etc.  Trump wants to increase the scope of government by limiting free speech, controlling Muslims who live in the United States, and increase taxes on the wealthy.

They are also both crony capitalists.  Simply put Clinton is the crony and Trump is the capitalist.  They have both admitted to exchanging funds for the benefit of each other.

The second most common characteristic Trump and Clinton have in common is that they are both corrupt.  They will both say and do anything for power.  They both want you to believe that the other is more corrupt than themselves.  But the reality is the corruption is just that corruption.

When I talk about false dichotomies, I like to also discuss what the solution is to the falsehood.  And the answer to this is rather simple.  Neither option is correct.  Neither option is good enough for the White House.  This is a dichotomy that needs to be thrown out.  Since the most likely president elect will come from these two, it is very likely that whoever is elected will face an impeachment trial. So, the solution to this false dichotomy is from one of the alternatives.  You can read my presidential candidate previews to find out for yourself who might be the best option.

Photo Credit: KrassotkinDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016, CC

So, What do you think?