Pillar Seven: Communication and Media

To round off our discussion about the seven pillars of society, we will now look at Communication.  I believe that when the concept of communication was develop it did not include media, but since media is such a big part of our modern society I decided to add it just to clarify that media is part of this pillar.

Communication has varying forms.  In more ancient societies, communication included the oral traditions, as well as the town caller who would announce things like news.  There is also letters and newspapers that are part of communications.  As we have become more modern the radio and television because an important means of communication.  The phone is also very common part of information sharing.

Media is part of communication, but it is distinct because typically it include electronic devices.  Yes, television and radio are media, but not from the more modern decades since the 1990s. So, for media I would include the World Wide Web, the cell phone, and email.

Some might confuse arts and recreations with communications, and it is easily done.  But for my purposes, I would like to consider communications and media to be the part of society that spreads news and information.  The news can be as mundane as local gossip to something as important as a national election.  Regardless of the message of the communication, societies have had varying means of communicating.

The interaction between the media the other pillars are quite obvious.  In some societies, like the U.S.S.R. with Pravda, the government controls the news.  In other societies, the news may control the government.  Communication can have huge impacts for both the positive and negative on families. Communication can also help religion spread it’s message.  And as I alluded to communication can encourage the spread of the arts and entertainment.

So, what about having a communication centered society?  What would be the results of such?  Again because I am not the history scholar that I could be, I don’t know of any historical societies where communication controlled the bulk of the society.  So, again I look to our modern society.  I would say that media and news outlets have a larger role in our society than it ever has.  And as such, I feel it may be detrimental. We won’t know the outcome for many generations, but based on the past discussions, it doesn’t look good.

I intend to conclude this with one more post, but it is quite clear that I have decided that no one pillar should be in charge of the others.  So, what should be in charge? How do we find a balance between these seven pillars?  That is what we will discuss.

Photo Credit: Sollok29 – News media standards, CC

So, What do you think?