Clinton won’t be Impeached.

The election isn’t even over and Mark Levin is already calling for the impeachment of Hillary Clinton. This is yet another example to me of how the Republicans have already conceded this race. And I agree with Levin and others who want to impeach Clinton if she is elected. However, as much as I want it to happen, I know that it won’t happen.

You could remove all other infractions that she can be proven guilty of and we should be able to impeach her on Benghazi alone.  Her gross negligence regarding the lives of American soldiers in such a tumultuous country should be enough to qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors. We could completely ignore her violations of confidential information in email.  We could complete ignore her questionable activities related to the Clinton Foundation fund raising activities.  It should be a slam dunk impeachment.

But she won’t be impeached.

There are at least two reasons this impeachment won’t happen.  The first is because she will play the victim card.  Ah! the liberals’ favorite tool, the victim card.  She played it with her “vast right-winged conspiracy” card when her husband was knee-deep in an impeachment trial.  She will claim that the conspiracy against her husband is now a conspiracy against her family.  Then she will find in her “Magic: The Gathering” hand her ever powerful I-am-woman-hear-me-roar card, and bam, no impeachment hearings.

Finally, the confidential email crisis proves that Clinton has some kind of special immunity.  I don’t know what challenge she won on the island of the survivors, but she has won the immunity idol of immunity idols.  Once she plays it, she is immune for the rest of forever.  It is the most clear sign of government corruption I have ever seen, and it must end.  I am not sure exactly how that has to happen, but I am looking for possible solutions, including the Convention of States.

Some might misinterpret my belief that Clinton won’t be impeached as some sort of support for her and her candidacy.  It is not! Let’s get that clear.  Some might believe that I don’t want the congress to start the impeachment process.  That is not true either.

We should the process of impeachment no later than January 21, 2017, whether we believe it will succeed or fail.  Not because we want to taint her presidency, not because we want to humiliate her, not because we aren’t Democrats.  We should try to impeach her because she is wrong. She is the wrong person to enforce the laws.  She is the wrong person to influence the legislature. She is the wrong choice for President.

Photo Credit: C-SPANHillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi, Public Domain, Link

So, What do you think?