My Vote for President

If you had asked me back in July after the Republican National Convention who I was going to vote for, I would have told you without equivocation that I was voting for Ted Cruz by writing him in.  My support for Cruz was not something that I took lightly.  When I first took note of his candidacy, I was hesitant. I thought to myself, who is this first term Senator with not much experience at the federal level or the executive level to think he is the best man for the job.  But I was willing to investigate him.  I spent a good month or two researching him and remembering some of the things he was noted for in the Senate, and after the 2nd debate last year, where he clearly owned the stage, I saw this man being a great president.

And I would have voted for him  in as a write in, too, except for two things.  The first was that a candidate has to be a registered write-in candidate in the state of Utah for your vote to count. And while some feel that a vote for an alternative candidate is a throw away vote, I wanted my vote to at least count.  The second reason, I won’t be voting for Ted Cruz is because he came out and endorsed another candidate. Note I didn’t mention that candidate’s name.  That’s because the person he endorsed is not relevant to my decision.  His endorsement of anyone would have lead me to this same conclusion. Cruz was asking people not to write him in, and to vote for another candidate. I am okay with that.

Looking at the presidential candidate previews I wrote, you should be able to narrow down what that I have settled on one of two candidates: Darrell Castle and Evan McMullin.  They are both men whose platform and personal values are in line with mine.  I could honestly support either of them as the President.

Evan McMullin is a little too middle of the road for my liking, and I have some reservations about him as president.  But my reservations with McMullin are miles apart from the reservations I have for Clinton or Trump.  I find the attacks from the the anti-McMullin groups and from the Trump campaign to either be weak or outright lies.  And while he is a Romney-style Republican, I would rather Mitt Romney than any of the two front runners.

I would really love to vote for Darrel Castle. And if McMullin didn’t have the lead that he now has in Utah, I would probably be voting for Castle.  His platform is by far the closest to mine. My biggest reservation is that I really don’t feel like he actually is trying to win, and it appears to me that McMullin is trying to win.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that McMullin has much of a chace to actually win.  I am sure that my vote for McMullin will be almost null.  But it is my vote and that’s how I choose to cast it.  The rest I will leave to the Lord and I will continue to pray for the good of our country.

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