Faltering Faith: Obedience to Commandments

I used to get excited when I heard about a famous person declaring their faith in Christ.  I used to think that there might be hope for this nation to become a Christian Nation again.  However, recently, I have found that not all Christianity is the same.  Not all Christian churches teach that obedience is important for the development of their followers.

In a recent interview, Jen Hatmaker of HGTV fame, at least that’s what the Internet tells me, declared that a sexual relationship between two people of the same gender is holy.  I honestly can’t believe that I just typed that sentence.  But even more, I can’t believe that Hatmaker feels that her Christian faith warrants such a belief.  As Matt Walsh said, “the Apostle Paul called them degrading and unnatural, and promised that anyone who practices homosexuality and does not repent will be barred from the Kingdom of God. As Christians, we are left to ponder who is a greater authority here: The Apostle Paul or the lady from HGTV.”

There are other examples of famous Christians and many more who are not as famous, who have made similar comments about how acting on the basic tenets of thier faith is no longer necessary.  Whether its about putting other gods before the One God, or baring a false witness against another.  Or especially excuses for not keeping the Sabbath day.

Now, before I go one, I want to make two points. First, I don’t wish to appear hypocritical or better than anyone else.  Trust me I have my weaknesses.  And many in my faith could find fault with me or have faults of their own.  Second, I don’t mean to address specifically the Christian faith.  I am talking about all religious traditions that don’t have some form of orthodox commandments.  Or any religion that ignores it’s religious traditions in order to make it’s doctrines more in line with the world.

It is a sad state when the faithful are trying to fit in in the world.  This is not what God wants us to do.  He wants us to stand out, to be a peculiar people.  And he doesn’t want us to be ashamed of his doctrine and his teachings.  Rather we should boldly but lovingly declare our faith, our differences, and our desire to live as God has commanded us.

It’s the old adage that tells us, that a loving parent would not let a child put his hand on a hot stove to learn that she will be hurt.  Instead, the parent gives the child rules and boundaries to help protect the child.  These rules aren’t designed to make the child unhappy, they are to keep the child safe to that they can experience happiness.  The same is for commandments. God tells us what we should do and what we should not do because he loves us and wants to protect us.

So, if your faith excuses your sins or allows you to lie a little, cheat a little, steal a little, and tells you that it will be okay because Jesus paid for your sins, then maybe you should reconsider the doctrine (This perspective may help).  Maybe you should read the text and seek wisdom from God on the matter.  I don’t wish you tell you how to believe. I just want for people of faith to stand for something so that our country can become the great nation it is destined to be.

So, What do you think?