No matter who wins…

No matter who wins this is my country. No matter who wins I will continue to love this place.  No matter who wins I will continue living here.  No matter who wins, she or he will be my president.  That won’t mean I will agree with their policies.  That won’t mean that I will fight for their agenda.  But I will fight to protect them as an individual and to honor the office that they hold.

I don’t believe that our country will be in total ruin regardless of who wins.  I won’t think that this is the “finale” season of America.  I do however believe that regardless of who wins it will set a tone for us to continue in the wrong direction.  The United States as been slipping away from what the founders established years ago.  It is hard to pin point exactly when that was and that doesn’t really matter.  And it will be just as equally difficult to define what will cause the destruction of this great nation.

The biggest hope that I want out of this election is for the citizens of the United States to wake up.  You chose whomever becomes our president.  Don’t tell me that you didn’t because you did vote.  Don’t tell me it isn’t our fault because we only had two really bad choices.  Don’t tell me that it was out of your control.  The fact is, it was in our control and we let it slip.

We allowed our faith in God to slip.  We allowed corruption in government to continue.  We elected and reelected men and women we knew weren’t fit for the job.  And slowly but sure it became the acceptable.  Slowly and surely we all became immune to the corruption.

We need to now creep back to the country that we know we can be.  It doesn’t start in politics.  It starts in our homes, in our churches, and in our communities.  We need to find God again.  We need to look for candidates that understand faith, family, and country is more than just a motto.  it is a way of life and it is the good life.  We need to get out of the slumber of faithlessness and return to the roots that founded this country.

If this offends you, then maybe you are part of the problem.  Because the faithful have been living without offense to your faithlessness, and we will continue to not be offended.  But the reality is we need God in this country.  It is necessary to make it work.

We can rebuild.  But it will take all of us.  It will take us educating ourselves.  Don’t worry about educating others.  Just be there to help those who are ready to learn.  Know the foundation of this country.  Understand why the Constitution was created and what the founder reasons and hopes were for this country.

We need to do this because it is our country.  It is our home.  It is where we were blessed to live, whether you are here by birth, immigration, or adoption.  We love this land. We know how great it can be, and we want to restore it to the foundation it was built upon. So, no matter who wins this election, we can overcome.

Photo Credit: AgnosticPreachersKid (ironic, I know) – The White House in Washington, D.C., CC

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