An Open Letter to the House and Senate

Dear Republican Congresspersons and Senators,

For those of you elected or reelected this term, congratulations on your victory.  Whether you were reelected or if this is your first time having the privilege of representing your constituency, you have a great responsibility before you.  And while, I also mean the responsibility to lead our country and to help make it more in line with the constitution, I am writing specifically to ask you to keep the new President in line with Republican values and constitutional principles.

During the campaign season, President-elect Donald Trump called for several changes that would be direct assaults on the Bill of Rights.  He called for changes to the way we treat people of religious convictions.  He also called for a change to the libel laws. Both of these are direct attacks to the first amendment.  Trump also called for deportation of Syrians without due process, which would be a violation of the fourth amendment.  And while you might make the argument that they aren’t American Citizens, please remember that the founders believed these to be God given rights and not government granted rights, so they pertain to all people.

As a candidate, Trump called for a trade war with China.  And as part of his call for such a war, he proposed a 35% to 45% tariff on imports to the United States.  While, I feel that there is a need for tariffs and that it is a constitutional way for the Federal Government to raise revenue, such a drastic tax would be devastating to the United States economy and the world economy.

Trump has also called for a raise in taxes on the wealthy.  What? I thought that was a Democratic ideal. Since when has taxing the wealthy ever been a policy of the Republican Party.  You need to fight Trump on these and the many other liberal and unconstitutional agenda items he outlined in his campaign.

He even wants to create his own brand of government run health care.  The fight against Obamacare used to be repeal, repeal, repeal.  Now we are talking about repealing and replacing.  Don’t replace.  I want laws that make individual access to health care more available and more affordable, but we should not mandate any private citizen to participate in any market they don’t want.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not asking that you oppose him in all issues that he puts forward.  I am in favor of stricter law enforcement regarding border protection.  I am in favor of a stronger military.  Any laws that gets us back to free markets, and less regulations are good.  I support them and the Republican Caucus should too.

You have the House and the Senate.  You have the Presidency.  Now, is the time to make responsible constitutional free market changes that show Americans what the Republican Party really stands for.  Do it.  Don’t let Trump destroy what the Party stands for.

Travis R Grant
Utah, District 4

Photo Credit: House Republicans by Medill DC, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

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