The Electoral College, the President, and the States

When I started back up blogging 2 and a half months ago, one of the reasons I wanted to blog is because so often Internet memes get it wrong.  I often agree with the intent of some of the memes, but often there is some misleading information in the meme.  Here is just one example of such a misleading meme.


Okay.  This map does accurately represent roughly half of the population.  And yes, each county is fairly accurately represented.  However, we don’t know that this map actually indicated how people voted.  Looking at the Guardians Presidential Map (by county), we can see that this doesn’t reflect how any of these counties voted.

Another inaccuracy is in the fact that if you were to distort the county size based on population (meaning that heavier populated counties were intentional made bigger proportional to their population.  You would see that half of the map would be blue.  The reality of it is that more than 50% of the voting population didn’t get what they wanted this election.  It hurts. I am sure.  But the law doesn’t care about feelings.  It has it’s reasons for being.

So it is incumbent upon us as citizens to study it out.  Here are a few great resources to help you understand it.

Prager University’s “Do You Understand the Electoral College?” – A great introductory video that shows how the Electoral Colleges help to make lesser populated states more important.

J. Wilson’s “The Electoral College Exists to Protect Us…” – An argument for why the Founders may have created the electoral college to protect the country from itself.

Graham Walker’s “Calling All Electors…” – an interesting take on how the Electoral College could be used to ensure the Republic isn’t overtaken. I recommend you scroll down to the section on “the Purpose of the Electoral College.”

Donna Carol Voss’ “The Electoral College Still Makes Sense…” – An argument on why the electoral college is still relevant today.

As I have sought a greater understanding of the purpose of the Electoral College, I believe that I have come to a conclusion that makes it more fitting for a republic.  That conclusion is that the President of the United States is NOT the president of the people.  Rather he is the President of the States.  Not the People of the States.  But simply, the Presidents of the States. Read the constitution.  You will not see the phrase “President of the People.”  It’s not there.

So, who selects the President?  Not the People.  Rather it is the States.  Now, since the people are what makes up the states, they should have some voice, but understand that the voice that is electing the President should be the voice that he presides over.  And he presides over the states (not the people).  Thus, the voice belongs to the states.

The electoral college is the best way to find a balance between the larger (population wise) states and the smaller states.  The people have a say, but since the President is of the States, the states have the final say in who becomes their President.

So, What do you think?