Missing the Mark with Millennials

So, I had the privilege last week to attend a Church training meetings for leaders in our local area.  And while there was a lot discussed in this meeting, there was one things that spoke to me as both a faithful member of the Church and as a politically minded person.  The training was related to how do we as church goers reach Millennials? As part of this training they shared this interesting video that was put together by David Kinnaman.  Please take 3 minute to watch this.  Please use both your political eyes and your church eyes.

So, how does this video that speaks specifically to keeping Millennials (or Mosaics as the video likes to refer to them) in church pertain to politics?  It’s simple, like the Church, the Republican party is missing the boat with Millennials. Just like it says in the video about the Church, Millennials are saying to the party “You lost me.”  Or as Kinnaman clarifies, we don’t have the answers to their difficult questions about the party.

It isn’t about hypocrisy any more? It isn’t because they disagree with our platform any more?  It IS about the in ability of many of the party faithful to answer the difficult questions.  It IS about people in the party who have allowed themselves to vote the party line without questioning why they vote the party line.

I really didn’t live in the 60’s. I am too young.  But my understanding is that the young adults in the 60s were experiencing a lot of the same issues.  The 60s had a younger generation that was tired of the previous generation who couldn’t answer there questions about God, sexuality, and politics.  This generation wants the truth.  The hard truth.  We need to stop overlooking problems with the party and address them head on.

But in order to do this, there is really one solid answer.  That is we have to know the truth.  We need to stop hiding behind ideology and personal opinion.  We need to stop telling the next generation that they just need to accept my truth as truth.  We need to be able to explain why marriage between men and women is correct.  We need to explain why life is important even before birth. We need to explain why government closer to the people is better for the people.  But not just based on an ideology.  They need solid hard facts.

If we don’t know the answers to their questions, the answer is NOT “oh, that’s not important,” or “why are you worried about that, that’s so unimportant.”  Rather. we need to accept their concerns a real and legitimate and help them to find out the answers on their own with some guidance. They can find out information on the Internet on their own, but it isn’t always the best information.  So, some guidance will greatly benefit them.

Finally, we need to stop insulting them.  We need to stop calling them “safe space” losers or immature cry babies.  I agree that there is a huge generational problem with Millennials, but if that is the case, we (the previous generation) created the problem.  We are the generation that raised them.  So, our secondary goal (or maybe it should be our primary goal) is to help them climb out of their safe spaces and adventure into real dialogue and learning. And throwing insults will not lead to that cure.

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from featured video

So, What do you think?