Bears Ears falls on Deaf Ears

According to the North American Bear Center, a bear’s “hearing is over twice the sensitivity of human hearing and exceeds human frequency ranges.”  A bear’s ears are their first line of defense.  If you have ever hiked in bear country you know that noise if your best protection you can carry with you.  Talking with a hiking partner or whistling let the bear know that you are there, and thus to stay away. Because if you surprise a bear he will chose to defend herself and that means trouble for humans.

So, I find it quite ironic that Obama’s recent land grab is being called the Bears Ears National Monument.  While the media can produce a list that makes it appears that Utahns are split about the decision to have the Federal Government control more, the fact is that a majority of Utahns are opposed to the Bears Ears land grab.

Some might claim that this is an environmental issue, and that these lands need to be protected.  Some might claim that this is a Native American issue and the rights of the tribe need to be protected. And while these are certainly part of the problem.  Both of these are coming at this from the wrong perspective.

This is a state sovereignty issue. This is about each state having a right to govern itself.  This is a complete abuse of power by the Obama administration.  It is an extension of abuses perpetuated by Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush.  It will likely be followed by similar overreaching acts of President-elect Donald Trump.

I am fed up with not being heard.  I am fed up with Federal abuse of power.  As a result, I am getting involved in the Convention of States. We have tried for decades to fix this through the parties.  We tried electing representatives who promised to fix the problem. We tried the Tea Party as a means to get the Parties to lead us.  It has not worked.

So, what does a Constitutional conservative do when they need to fight?  They turn to the Constitution.  Article V provides us the answer.  It is that the States (the sovereign political power in the United States) that can take back control of the Federal Government.  And it is partly done through Article V.  We need to amend the Constitution to reassert our rights as citizens and as states to govern ourselves and not be ruled over by a tyrannical hierarchy.

Like it or not. We will be heard.

Photo Credit: “Utah Juniper at Bears Ears”, © 2011 brewbooks, Flickr | CC-BY

So, What do you think?