Clinton won’t be Impeached.

The election isn’t even over and Mark Levin is already calling for the impeachment of Hillary Clinton. This is yet another example to me of how the Republicans have already conceded this race. And I agree with Levin and others who want to impeach Clinton if she is elected. However, as much as I want it to happen, I know that it won’t happen. You could remove all other infractions that she can be proven guilty of and we should be able to impeach her on Benghazi alone.  Her gross negligence regarding the lives of American soldiers in such a

Pillar Seven: Communication and Media

To round off our discussion about the seven pillars of society, we will now look at Communication.  I believe that when the concept of communication was develop it did not include media, but since media is such a big part of our modern society I decided to add it just to clarify that media is part of this pillar. Communication has varying forms.  In more ancient societies, communication included the oral traditions, as well as the town caller who would announce things like news.  There is also letters and newspapers that are part of communications.  As we have become more

False Dichotomies: Trump vs. Clinton

Well, for the first time I was actually able to watch about 30 minutes of the debate.  What can I say, I am a busy father of six who also volunteers for my church. As I watched the debate, one thing became clear to me.  There isn’t much difference between these two candidates. If you listened to either of them and their campaigns they will try to get you to believe that they are different.  However, the fact is that most of the information you hear that you should vote for me because I am not as bad as the

Are the Republican’s Already Giving Up?

I don’t think I have ever seen this before.  With Donald Trump being almost double digits behind Clinton in the race, it seems that everyone had given up.  Republicans are making plans for a post-election Clinton presidency.  They are looking to regroup and prepare for 2020. Okay, I confess, I follow a lot of conservative social media outlets. And as such my info may be biased.  But when there is one of the top conservative commentators already planning an exit from the Republican Party before the election is even over.  It’s has to be a little dire. I will admit,

Faltering Faith

I have been wanting to post this for a while but I feel inadequate.  I just don’t feel like I am qualified to judge the faith of another. While I am a man of faith, I also believe that unrighteous judgement is wrong. Also my beliefs are considered non-traditional by even the most radical of Christian religions. Further I feel that this will come across poorly.  Either I will be seen as being holier than thou or I will be accused of bashing another’s faith.  Rest assured that my intent is not to question another’s faith, nor is it to

Pillar Six: Arts and Recreation

With all the news lately, I have neglected one of my favorite projects.  So let’s look at pillar six of the Seven Pillars of Society.  For the sixth pillar I would like to review society’s art and recreation. Art is obviously the creative side of any community.  This can include paintings, sculpture, literature, music, and plays. Art through the years has often been thought to be a representation of society. It can be a reflection of the beauty, darkness, or psyche of the people who lived in the time of the art.  But art can also have a great influence