Faboulous Farding Friday: Farding

The most popular search term to lead to my sight is Farding.* And I see this as a good thing. It will continue to drive many poeple to this sight in a quest to discover what Farding is. However, I am sorry to say, you will have to go some where else to discover that. I don’t know why, but there is some kind of morbid pleasure I get out of not telling people the meaning of farding. However, I drop a few hints. Farding is usually done only by women. Farding has been known to cause car accidents. Farding

Fabulous Farding Friday: Wow! Things Have Been Busy

Yes, I know. Things around here have been rather quite. I have been very busy lately. First of all, I haven’t really had a quiet day at work for a long time. A little something that you might want to know because it could be a question on “Millionaire” or “Jeopardy” is that the ocean shipping business’s peak season starts in July and lasts until December. That’s because the retail industry is getting ready for Christmas. But that isn’t the only thing that has been keeping me busy. You see, everytime we get pregnant we decide to move. Okay, that’s

Fabulous Farding Friday: This is Exciting

Wow, I am so excited. Starting today, I am presenting a new segment for your reading pleasure. As you might have been able to deduce it is called “Fabulous Farding Friday.” Without revealing the meaning of the name (it’s not what you think it means), I will have to say that the name of the segment has more to do with Fridays than it has to do with the content of the blog. I will also note that the title of the segment was inspired by the good folks at the Wasatch Front. They graciously rejected my idea, and after

Blogging Matters

As if blogging isn’t self-centered enough of an activity, I am going to indulge myself today.  Steve Urquhart in this blog is really talking about me.  Well, okay it’s not the whole blog.  Just one sentence in the first paragraph.  It reads: “I’ve received some input since then and have come up with a few areas of targeted improvement — further privatization of administration (and, as an incentive, sharing the savings with the companies we contract with) and reduction in frivolous utilization.” You see Urquhart was blogging at Times & Seasons, and he wrote about education funding. And I decided that

One Sentence

It’s funny yesterday, I couldn’t get inspired to blog on anything and today, I can’t decided which of the various items I should blog on.  so, I thought that I would play a little game.  I will give the link to an article then, I will respond to it with one sentence.  The thing is that sentence needs to express my total reaction to the article. Utahn dies in vehicle explosion in Baghdad – see also Salt Lake Tribune God bless you, your family, the people you protected and faught for in Iraq because we are ever greatful for your sacrifice.