Pillar Four: Economy

The fourth pillar I would like to discuss in the Seven Pillars of Society series is the pillar of economy. The economy is any means that the society uses for the exchange of goods.  This could be a rudimentary as a bartering system or a more complex arrangement of credits and debits.  Or even in our modern era a system like bitcoins. It is amazing to me how much the economy becomes are part of every aspect of society.  The government needs and exchange system in order for it to have the means to fund itself.  Religion require the benevolent

Presidential Candidate Preview: Evan McMillan

So, I was holding off on mentioning any of the Presidential candidates until something newsworthy came up about them.  The problem is that the two front runners for the office of POTUS are such jokes, there isn’t enough media time to give any of the tertiary candidates free air time.  Not to mention, that most of the rest of the candidate are too stable to ever warrant air time because of something outrageous they did. Until now, I haven’t spent a lot of time studying McMillan.  While I think he is sincere in his candidacy, I believe that he is

False Dichotomies

I am incredibly disgusted at how we are told that we should be seeing the world as black and white, up or down, good or bad.  I am bothered how the use of false dichotomies are used to trick us into submitting to wrong.  While there is definite good and definite evil in the world, we aren’t always being told the truth about what those truths are.  We are often tricked into picking between two falsehoods. Evil exists.  I believe that.  I have seen evil in this world, and I have seen even influence me, family members and friends.  And


Here’s a little Utah news that you might not know about, but hopefully find interesting. A company with a large employee base in Utah will be protested by Occupy LA, Occupy Oakland, and maybe even Occupy Seattle. Who are they protesting? SSA Marine When? Today. Why? Because the Occupy movement claims that SSA Marine is owned by Goldman-Sachs. I know this in part because I work for SSA Marine.  I have worked with them for 8 years now and it has been a great company to work for. But the point of this piece to show how ill-informed the Occupy

Balance the Budget but Don’t Amend

I support a balanced budget.  I have balanced my budget.  My wife have been living a debt free lifestyle for over 3 years now.  It was a tough road, but well worth the effort.  We have to cut back.  I can’t buy all the toys that I want, and our children don’t wear the most fashionable clothing.  However, we manage to rough life with some nice things, and we are happy. I support our government living with a balanced budget.  We need to get our government back in line, and we need to stop the excessive spending of money that we

Open Letter to Carl Wimmer

I wish that I had something profound to say to you. I would love to tell you that there are things I would like to see happen in this congress. I would like to tell you about something that you could improve on. However, I can’t. I can’t because you are doing a great job. You might be wondering why I am writing to you. First, it’s because I promised you at the beginning of the session that I would. Second, the reason that I made the promise, is because I know you probably get a lot of negative mail.