Is It Charity If It Is Forced?

It is the season of giving and many people are feeling a little more charitable than usual.  many of us donate a little more our favorite organizations.  Here where I work we raised money for a coworker whose 1-year-old daughter is struggling with cancer.  It’s a good thing. As I study the concept of charity, I am often taken to Mosiah 4:16-19 where we are counseled to care for the needy.  It is important for us to care for those who need our help.  It is an important principle of the gospel. So, why not support the welfare system? Pyrolitical

Herbert Takes Over the Reins

It’s about the only thing in the news today.  Jon Hunstman was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to China, and Gary Herbert was sworn in as the 17th Governor of the State of Utah.  In my opinion this is a win-(hopefully)win situation for Utah. Governor Huntsman was a moderate.  He was well liked by the state, but he wasn’t the governor that I would have chosen to lead this state.  His departure opens the door for the more politically conservative Gary Herbert. I have written in the past about two separate incidents where Herbert had looked like the conservative

The House that Herbert Built

Two weeks ago, I was praising Lt. Governor Gary Herbert for his willingness to stand up against the Western Governor Association.  Yet, today we find him cow tailing to his friends in the Utah Association of Realtors. On Tuesday, Herbert announced plans to extend another stimulus package for home buyers.  While the details are still vague and we don’t know what the package will include, whatever the package is, it is not the right thing to do. At best, this looks like Herbert is scratching the backs of his friends.  At worst, this is corruption at its worst.  Herbert is

Noah, Nephi, and Today

I really wasn’t sure what to write about today.  I have had a few ideas but couldn’t decide.  Then as I read from the Book of Mormon during our family devotional time this evening, I knew what I had to write about.  But before I offer my insights from the Book of Mormon, please take a moment to watch this video. For some more information and insights into the video, check out Kathryn Skagg’s blog. After watching that video, I was impressed by what our family read during our devotional.  We read Helaman 7.  The verses the particularly struck me

To B(ailout) or Not to B(ailout)?

You have all read about this, you are probably sick and tired of reading about this.  But this is something that I have become passionate enough about to call my Senators on.  I have even commented on them at Chris Cannon’s Blog.  I am still waiting for them to be posted. Listening to President Bush’s explanation, I was struck with something.  This is all about credit. Am I the only person here who believes that we can have economic stability without credit?  As I have mentioned before, I am Debt Free.  I have managed to get along quite well in

Macro and Micro Government Power

Michael Williams posted about his opinion on whether local governments should have the right to fine people for unkempt yards. And while, I think that a lot of these city ordinances are getting out of hand, I generally agree with him. Simply put I like to divide the government into Macro- and Micro-level roles. The Macro-government is the federal government. The micro-government is typified by cities and towns. the level of control they should be allowed to exert is directly related to the level at which they govern. The feds should be primarily worried about military, economy, and interstate relations.