Missing the Mark with Millennials

So, I had the privilege last week to attend a Church training meetings for leaders in our local area.  And while there was a lot discussed in this meeting, there was one things that spoke to me as both a faithful member of the Church and as a politically minded person.  The training was related to how do we as church goers reach Millennials? As part of this training they shared this interesting video that was put together by David Kinnaman.  Please take 3 minute to watch this.  Please use both your political eyes and your church eyes. So, how

Pillar Five: Education

Education is the fifth pillar I would like to discuss in the Seven Pillars of Society series.  Education as a pillar is fairly easy to understand and explain.  It is the system of a society that is used to educate the next generation.  This education can be as simple as basic language and math skills to teaching the values and culture of the society or to the more complicated systems of philosophy, analytics, and rhetoric. The education pillar relates to the other pillars across the spectrum in varying ways.  For example, educations relationship to religion plays at least two roles.

False Dichotomies: Science vs. Religion

Last month I had a Facebook friend post a picture of a t-shirt that read something like “Too stupid to understand sceince? Try religion.”  Not only did I find this to be a rather narrow view of scientists and perhaps offensive to my scientist friends who accept both religion and science in their lives, I couldn’t help but think how misleading that shirt is about reality.  Truth is that this friend’s post is what sparked my writing about false dichotomies all together. The problem here is that science and religion are NOT on opposite sides of the spectrum.  Science is

Jordan District Proves Their Unwillingness to Help Students

This morning the Deseret News reported that the Jordan School district has rejected a deal that could help them save a lot of money, and keep them from raising taxes again on the Citizens on the South West Side of Salt Lake County. While they claim its for the best. Let’s look what what the real reasons are. First, let’s look at why the Jordan School District Board refused to accept the offer from American Preparatory Academy (APA). They claim, “It makes no sense to build another school in an area where the population is declining,” said Steve Dunham, district

Patrick Henry Caucus Does My Bidding

Okay, okay, the title is a little presumptuous.  They aren’t at my command, but they are doing something I asked them to do back in June.  In a state where roughly 67% of the land is owned by the Federal Government, we need to start claiming our state sovereignty.  We need to get our property back. Well, thanks to Representative Chris Herrod and Representative Ken Sumsion, both members of the Patrick Henry Caucus, we may now have our property back.  They have put forth a bill that would fight the Federal Government and their control of our state. The bill

Charter Schools Receive Praise

If you know me, you know that I am a big support of charter schools.  One of my daughters received and excellent education at Summit Academy for 2 years, and if the decision were totally mine, she would probably still be enrolled there. So, this morning, I found it intriguing that two different sources praised or promoted charter schools.  The first isn’t shocking to me, but might be to most of you.  It is from an Obama crony.  While, I disagree with President Obama on most issues.  I do agree with his support for charter schools.  However, I think that