How Much Does Utah Spend on Education?

I learned about this video from Representative John Dougall‘s Facebook post.  I enjoyed it very much and asked my wife if she had seen it.  She tells me it’s old, but it’s new to me, so I am sharing it with you today.  So, first take a minute and watch this 5 minute video. Utah Education Facts – How much do you know about K-12 education in Utah? Okay, I first have to admit that I only got two of the questions right.  The question about how much charter schools cost, and the question about how much of our state

Macro and Micro Government Power

Michael Williams posted about his opinion on whether local governments should have the right to fine people for unkempt yards. And while, I think that a lot of these city ordinances are getting out of hand, I generally agree with him. Simply put I like to divide the government into Macro- and Micro-level roles. The Macro-government is the federal government. The micro-government is typified by cities and towns. the level of control they should be allowed to exert is directly related to the level at which they govern. The feds should be primarily worried about military, economy, and interstate relations.

On Apples and Education (A Voucher Post)

I have been wanting to post my opinion on the voucher issue for some time now, but every time I do, I either get inundated with work (I usually blog from work), or I get lost in how to present it. This morning, I finally came up with what I believe is a clever way to present it. So, without further ado… As a conservative, I generally do not agree with government subsidized anything. I have a problem with government subsidies for health care; I don’t like government subsidies for food; I hate government subsidies for businesses. However, as I

Shadow Children and Government Control

I recently just finished the Shadow Children Series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The first in the series is Among the Hidden. In this book Luke Gardner is the third born child to his parents in a society where parents are only legally allowed to have two children. This law is enforced by the death of all people who are third born. This law was create in response to a drought which meant that there was very little food for the people. A group of politicians decided that if they reduce the number of children per couple to 2 children, then

Charter Starter

At the beginning of the year, I registered my children to be in the random drawings to get into one of four charter schools near our home. While, I am interested in a better academic experience, and in choosing a better school for my child. I honestly was just enrolling into anything and everything I was willing to drive my child to. So, the four candidates were North Star Academy, American Preparatory Academy, Channing Hall, and Summit Academy. Each of these had pros and cons, but honestly I figured that they would be better than the current public education that