Another Example of ClimateGate

A recent article in USA Today discusses the real effect of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.  The article comes from an interview with Ray Weiss from the San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  Weiss is a geochemist specializing in atmospheric pollution.  And from what I could read from the article, and other research I did on Weiss, he accepts the premise that global warming is directly related to human events. I don’t wish to discuss that, however.  The real important thing to take from the article is that Weiss feels that this meeting is all fluff.  Perhaps, the best way

Herbert Takes on Governors for Global Warming

With repeated reports on the catastrophe that is eminent from man-made global warming, The Western Governors Association (or the Governors for Global Warming) several years ago signed the Western Climate Initiative.  This is an agreement from each state to reduce greenhouse gases they produced, in order to prevent global warming. At the beginning of this week, the WGA met in Park City to discuss Global Warming.  For the most part, Lt. Governor Herbert listened quietly to the presentations.  But when the statement was made that the debate on global warming was over, Herbert questioned that.  He responded, “Help me understand