Children Anchor for Local TV News

KUTV 2 News has had what they call an Open House for the past couple of years. Last year I wanted to go, but decided that it would just be too crowded to even bother. However, this year, when they announced that they were going to have another Open House. I knew that we had to go. We are a home schooling family. As part of the school, we like to have a weekly field trip. We have gone to a couple of museums, a gymnastics meet, a zoo, an aviary, a movie, and a lot more. So, what could be more educational of a

Don’t Buy Cheap Ink

Okay, I admit it.  I am cheap.  I don’t pay full price when I don’t have too. However, being cheap has it’s problems.  You see, sometimes, it leads to consequences that you don’t want. Well, I am a big talk radio junkie, and I happened to hear about a company that sells ink for inkjet printers.  I figured it was a better deal then what I can get in the store, so I went for it. Sure it printed fine for the first little while, but now it has completely messed up my system. You see about a month after