Keeping Goals

Well, it is now more than 2 months from the beginning of the year.  How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? I had two resolutions.  They were my every year standard resolutions.  You know the ones.  You make them every year just to break them. For the past several years, I haven’t even bothered with these resolutions.  I figured why even try.  I knew that I wouldn’t keep them.  I knew that they were just going to be forgotten about by about mid January. Well, this year I made the same two goals I make every year, again. 

Solemn & Sagacious Sunday: Book of Mormon Challenge

Okay, for most LDS writers, this is going to be a bit too cliche, but I have been revving up to write this column for a long time.  I perhaps should even have the blase title of “What I learned from reading the Book of Mormon?”  I am reffering to the challenge by our Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley to read the Book of Mormon before the end of 2005. So despite its potential for a reduntant bloggernacle theme, I find that this may be the best time to address something that I find to be a common, but often unspoken

Marathon Maniacal Monday: After the First Week

Just a quick note really. I don’t plan on posting about this weekly, but I thought I would share a very minor success. This week went fairly well. I didn’t feel as bad as I have felt when running in the past. I attribute the lack of pain to my stretching before and after each run or walk. Actually, I forgot to stretch today after my run, and I can really feel it. Hopefully, this will be enough of a reminder to avoid doing it again. Anyway, the big success story this past week was that I ran straight (without

Marathon Maniacal Monday: I Have Started

Yes, It is another in the alliteration anthologies here at Gazelem.  First we started with everybodies favorite Faboulous Farding Friday, then we smoothed things about with Solemn and Sagacious Sunday (sorry there haven’t been any for a while).  And now we present Marathon Maniacal Monday. Now, what in the world could that title suggeste.  Well, I set a goal about a year ago, that I would run in the Salt Lake City Marathon.  I wasn’t quite ready to start up the task last year, and so, I decided that I would spend the year getting ready. As some of you