Pillar Six: Arts and Recreation

With all the news lately, I have neglected one of my favorite projects.  So let’s look at pillar six of the Seven Pillars of Society.  For the sixth pillar I would like to review society’s art and recreation. Art is obviously the creative side of any community.  This can include paintings, sculpture, literature, music, and plays. Art through the years has often been thought to be a representation of society. It can be a reflection of the beauty, darkness, or psyche of the people who lived in the time of the art.  But art can also have a great influence

You Have Led Me through the Door

A talk I gave in our Sacrament Meeting on May 20, 2012. On a cold February Morning in 1910, Vincenzo di Francesca found a copy of a book that appeared to be scripture, but contained names of people he had never heard before.  However, the name of the book was burned from the cover, and the title page had been torn out of the book.  Still his curiosity led him to clean the book and to study its contents for the entirety of that day. At the end of the day, and after having read the book three times, Vincenzo

webOS:open source::BYU:independence

First, I should probably apologize for taking back to your high school days and the horrid exams that we force upon your young children.  But frankly, I loved these logic questions.  I don’t know if I was any good at them, but I thought that they were a lot of fun. In the unlikely even that you don’t remember how to read the title, it says, “webOS is to open source as BYU is to independence.”  The point is to say that I wish to make a comparison between BYU’s decision to make their football program independent from any conference,

Round Valley Draw & Willis Creek

As I have done for the past couple of years, I took another great trip to southern Utah’s great red rock country. My friends and I again traveled to the Grant Staircase-Escalante National Monument for some fun slot canyon hikes. Our original plan was to visit three different slot, but we were only able to visit two of them. We first arrived at our camping spot around 10:00pm on Jun 10th. It was a great night, and one worth taking the time to explore. Actually, I just wanted to find the geocache that was located at the mouth of the

Take Back Utah Rally

Not to point the blame at one individual, but as and example, I would like to look back to the Clinton Administration.  With one stroke of his mighty pen he created the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  It was done under the guise of the Antiquities acts.  His motive was the protection of the wilderness. Bit by bit the state of Utah has been snatched up by the Federal Government. LaVar Christensen has a great piece on this history. Some claim it as protecting the environment.  Some claim that the land serves a great good to the public be being

Coyote Gulch

A year ago you might remember my post about a trip that I made to Paranuweap Canyon.  Well, I made a similar trip again this year, but this time to Coyote Gulch.  We also added one more person to our group. On May 15th, I headed down to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument with the same friend as last year.  Since we left as soon as I finished work, and because of a brief detour to Fish Lake on the trip down, we arrived after night fall, and slept out under the stars about 3 miles west of the