SODO: Orange Knot Rolls

I promised to post this two days ago, and yesterday, so I better get it posted, or you will all have me on a stake. Right now you might think I am just talking silly, but when you eat these, you will change your mind. While on our Camp last week, we tried something that we haven’t ever had. We haven’t even had this done in a modern oven. But they sounded good. Before I share the recipe, I should let you know that we got the recipe from Rhodes Bake-N-Serv. They offer great recipes for those who buy their

The Camp of Hikes

Last week our family took our new-to-us tent trailer camping at Spruces Campground. While it wasn’t my first choice for campsites, it really was a good trip. We ended up leaving on Monday afternoon about 3:30pm. That was a lot later than I had originally planned, but I could get myself moving on Saturday to get the trailer packed and ready. So, we did most of the packing on Monday. After we got to camp, we decided to do tinfoil dinners first, because the dutch oven meals were still frozen. It was nice. We then settle in earlier than usual

SODO: First Time Baking Bread

For Father’s Day my wife more than took care of me. Actually, if you ask me, she went a little over board. But, I finally have some items that I have been wanting for a very long time. So, I forgive her. I received two things that I really wanted. The first was a Camp Chef Dutch Oven Table to make it easier to cook. Now I don’t have to bend over and risk hurting my back. The other thing that I wanted was Charcoal Lighting Basket (I didn’t get the one pictured, but you get the idea). This will

A Late Report on the Camping Trip

So, it has been a week since we got back from our camping trip and I am finally reporting on it. Things at work have been too busy to spend time clacking away on the computer tell you all about our camping adventures. Then I had the past couple of days off from work, and was busy with yard work and trailer cleaning to sit at the computer to tell you what happened. So, you will get this report a week late. We headed out of Thursday shortly after I got home from work. We had a few last minute

SODO: The Great Chicken Dinner

Okay, the title to this post is a little misleading. Because last night’s meal was nothing great. I guess, I felt that because I had been home all day that I would have enough time to start some dutch oven. But I didn’t start until 5:00 in the evening. And we had kids that needed to be to various church activities. So, I was thinking that this would have dinner done well before 6:30pm. I was so wrong. At 6:30, the chick was still raw and the potatoes were crunchy. It really wasn’t ready to eat. So, we fed the

SODO: BBQ Round Steak

Well, I had to skip the last couple of week in my attempt at a Dutch Oven meal every week for the next few months.  It wasn’t because I was busy.  It wasn’t because I am tired of Dutch Oven cooking.  Nope it’s because I ran out of charcoal. Fortunately my wife sent me to the store, and I remember to pick up some charcoal.  So, when I got home I had to use it. The recipe was pretty simple. 1.5 to 2 lbs. of Round Cut Steak 1 to 1.5 cups of BBQ sauce (what ever your favorite is)