Charter Starter

At the beginning of the year, I registered my children to be in the random drawings to get into one of four charter schools near our home. While, I am interested in a better academic experience, and in choosing a better school for my child. I honestly was just enrolling into anything and everything I was willing to drive my child to. So, the four candidates were North Star Academy, American Preparatory Academy, Channing Hall, and Summit Academy. Each of these had pros and cons, but honestly I figured that they would be better than the current public education that

Fabulous Farding Friday: Thomas Jefferson Education

My wife says that I am obsessive.  She thinks that when I pick something up that I am an all or nothing sort of person.  You could use the example of geocaching.  This past week has been the first time since August that I have not been geocaching in more that 48 hours. Other family obligations have made it hard to find the time. My obsession with geocaching has gone so far that I have even woken up at 4:00am and gone out a snag a cache.  I just needed to get a fix. But I am not writing about

Poverty, Entitlement, and Sexual Predators

We had some friends over today.  They are conservative and hold many views similar to mine.  And the conversation turned to why we home school. (They are a home schooling parent’s too.) I told him that we finally made the decision to home school because there was way too many problems with the school.  The first year we homeschooled, I talked with one of the 1st grade teachers, and she told me that she had at least 2 kids in her class that has sexual issues. THIS IS 1ST GRADE (6 YEAR OLDS!) My friend asked me what I thought

Humbled Home Schooler

As many of you know, my wife and I (mostly my wife) home school our children. It is a great experience, and I love to see my children learn and grow in the process. In order to make the home school experience effective and more enjoyable, we often have activities where other home schooled children get together and share time, talents and ideas. And because I happen to have a key to our Ward (church) building, and I happen to be the person who schedules the building for our Ward, we have had several activities for home school kids at

Helaman Academy

I have mentioned before that we (my wife and I, more she than I) home school our children. The name of our home school is Helaman Academy. It is named after the Book of Mormon prophet Helaman. He was a great military leader, and worked with many young soldiers in many of the battles that he faught. Thus, our school mascot is the stripling warrior. We also have school flag. Hopefully, I will get the kids to explain it on the site Anyway, As part of our homeschooling, our children are required to do a journal entry. The journal entry