Faith Under Attack: Freedom of Religion Threatened

I started writing this post yesterday, but I felt that we needed to have a better understanding of how the attack on religion started.  So, i wanted to discuss how media has been changing our cultural view of religion. While, I do think that this has been orchestrated, I don’t believe that the people who have been causing this to happen had the destruction of religious freedom as their primary goal.  I am even so optimistic as to believe that those involved today are naive to the Devil’s plan. Our first amendment rights is under attack.  And the attack first

You Have Led Me through the Door

A talk I gave in our Sacrament Meeting on May 20, 2012. On a cold February Morning in 1910, Vincenzo di Francesca found a copy of a book that appeared to be scripture, but contained names of people he had never heard before.  However, the name of the book was burned from the cover, and the title page had been torn out of the book.  Still his curiosity led him to clean the book and to study its contents for the entirety of that day. At the end of the day, and after having read the book three times, Vincenzo

Establish a House

A talk I gave in our Sacrament Meeting on March 18, 2012. In His infinite wisdom, our Father in Heaven sent each of us here to earth to live in families. The idea of a family was no mistake. It wasn’t just some random set of coincidences that led man into families. Since the beginning of man, Adam and Eve lived in a family. Their children were married and had families of their own. The House of Israel is a family. Lehi left Jerusalem and sailed to the Promised Land with his family. Even Jesus Christ was born into a

FamilySearch Indexing

I have this very heightened sense of self-importance, and I believe that many of you are wondering where I am and what have I been doing. The fact is that many of you are probably glad that you have had one less thing to read on the Internet. And most of you forgot that I even existed. Despite my understanding that most of you don’t care, i will let you know what I have been doing these past few month. Mostly, I have just been busy. I work in the ocean shipping industry and May to October or November is

The Spirit of Christmas

I have been trying to find something that sends a Christmas message that I am feeling this year.  I was notified of this video several weeks back. I don’t know how I missed.  But I am glad that I got to watch it on Christmas Eve.  I hope you enjoy. httpv:// On the 5 year anniversary of my blog writing, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  And I pray that you remember the Spirit of Christ this year.

Noah, Nephi, and Today

I really wasn’t sure what to write about today.  I have had a few ideas but couldn’t decide.  Then as I read from the Book of Mormon during our family devotional time this evening, I knew what I had to write about.  But before I offer my insights from the Book of Mormon, please take a moment to watch this video. For some more information and insights into the video, check out Kathryn Skagg’s blog. After watching that video, I was impressed by what our family read during our devotional.  We read Helaman 7.  The verses the particularly struck me