I Came to Work Sick…

I am not feeling very good right now.  I am at work (I usually blog at work, during the down time).  I would (probably should) blog at home, but there is no such thing as down time when you have a family of 6. Anyways, I was driving to work, and I wasn’t feeling very good.  I got less then a block to work, and I spewed all over in my car.  I felt a little better, so, I cleaned up the car with what I had available; Diapers.  Yes, they were clean and unused.  It was the only absorbent

Have a Sober New Years

What do you remember from your New Years’ Parties of the past? Do you remember who you were with? Do you remember who (or if) you kissed someone to ring in the new year? I can. Well, Sort of. As I get older, I seem to forget. But I can honestly say that the day after each new year, I remeber what I did the night before. Why? Because I am a teatottler. That’s right. I have never tasted an alcoholic beverage in my entire life. I am STONE COLD SOBER. Actually, I just don’t get the drunk thing. What

Don’t Buy Cheap Ink

Okay, I admit it.  I am cheap.  I don’t pay full price when I don’t have too. However, being cheap has it’s problems.  You see, sometimes, it leads to consequences that you don’t want. Well, I am a big talk radio junkie, and I happened to hear about a company that sells ink for inkjet printers.  I figured it was a better deal then what I can get in the store, so I went for it. Sure it printed fine for the first little while, but now it has completely messed up my system. You see about a month after

Tsunami Tsolemnity

I mourn with our fellow brothers and sisters in Indonesia. They were struck by a devistation, that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  It hurts to see the stories of families destroyed, of lives in ruin, of a society distraught. Some are comparing these events to 9.11.  However, the comparison is extremely limited.  Two particular examples come to mind. The first comparison that I wish to share is not meant to demean the suffering and hurt of those affected by this.  However, it is a weak comparison to 9.11 because this was a act of nature.  Where 9.11 was


I recieved an email from a co-worker today.  He wished me a “MARRY CHRISTMASS.”  Yes, he misspelled it.  This isn’t really the point.  His misspelling was due to english being a second language for him. He moved here from Jerusalem, and he is an Orthodox Jew.  Yes, that’s right, and Orthodox Jew wishing a Mormon Merry Christmas.  What is the world coming to?  Doesn’t he know that we are supposed to be devisive, and argumentative towards each other? Doesn’t he realize that my celebration of Christmas is demeaning to his faith?  His Hanukkah celebration is deminished because I believe the Savior