HP TouchPad

A month or so back, I bought an HP TouchPad from KSL. Sadly, I did not get one of the great deals back in August. I was literally one weekend away from hitting the go button in the purchase of a TouchPad.  And that weekend managed to be the weekend that HP announced that they were going to discontinue making the HP TouchPad. Since then, HP has terminated their CEO, and hired Meg Whitman of eBay and California political fame.  While there is no official word from HP it looks like they will soon announce that they are going to

Happy Belated Birthday, Dear

Last year I shared with you what I got my dear wife for her birthday. This year due to my overall lack of posting new content. I neglected to share this gem with you on her birthday. So, this being the week before Valentine’s Day, and only a few days after her birthday, I thought it might be appropriate to let you know how much I deeply care for her. Not to mention my general boasting about the great present I bought. My dear wife does an excellent job cleaning the outside of our windows. It is always a great

Lonsberry is Back

I really am excited about the latest news. Okay, it isn’t really the latest. Lonsberry has been hinting at it for weeks, and he finally wrote about it on his own website today. So, in this crazy Internet world, I am a little slow in commenting on this. But I must share my enthusiasm. I was one of the many people who wrote the various radio station in Utah asking them to put Bob back on the air. I received no response of any of the stations that I wrote, but I wasn’t really expecting any. However, I did get

FamilySearch Indexing

I have this very heightened sense of self-importance, and I believe that many of you are wondering where I am and what have I been doing. The fact is that many of you are probably glad that you have had one less thing to read on the Internet. And most of you forgot that I even existed. Despite my understanding that most of you don’t care, i will let you know what I have been doing these past few month. Mostly, I have just been busy. I work in the ocean shipping industry and May to October or November is

Happy Birthday, Dear

Today is my dear wife’s birthday.  And I am so impressed with the wonderful gift that I got for her, that I want to toot my own horn for a minute on this site. Having made the decision to have a fairly large family.  At least, large by today’s standards.  We have to cut costs where ever possible. As part of this cost cutting venture, we don’t hire people to do any automobile repairs, unless we have to.  Well, the last time that my dear wife was out rotating the tires, I was so moved by the efforts she made. 

Unintended Consequences

I met with a couple of legislators this past week.  And when one of them was asked why are we having to wait in long lines to get our driver’s licenses renewed, the response was it’s an “unintended consequence” of the bill that we passed. To be completely honest, he seemed more interested in excusing their actions by calling them unintended consequences, then trying to explain the purpose of the bill that requires us to go through a longer lines to renew our licenses.  I personally support the reason behind this bill, and I am willing to go through the