Clinton woos Mormons

With the apparent demise of the Trump campaign in Utah, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to gain voters to her side. So, what does she do.  She uses religion. I respect that they are trying win in Utah. I like that Utah is getting some recognition as a data, nad that we are no longer a fly over state.  And finally, I am glad that they didn’t hoose to go negative. Because even though that could have been an easy approach for this campaign, it would have failed. However, trying to convince me that I should vote for Clinton using

Stop telling me that I am not voting for Trump because he is imperfect

There I said it. Stop telling me that I am not voting for Trump because he is a sinner.  Stop making assumptions about why I am not voting for Trump.  Stop telling me that Trump is the conservative in this race and the reason we should be voting for him. The reality is that most of the people who are voting for Trump are people who are voting against Clinton. The reality is that Trump is NOT a conservative.  My faith that Trump will nominate pro-life supreme court judges is a virtual zero.  Look at his history.  He has supported

Why Character Matters

The title of this post is a statement not a question. Over the weekend I came back from a scout camp with my son to find out that two very deplorable (word choice is very intentional) announcements were made regarding our the two main party candidates. One candidate had many of her emails leaked to reveal the corruptions in her campaign. The other candidate had a video released showing his misogynistic attitude. The purpose of this post however isn’t so much about these individual events.  Rather it is about the character of the candidates.  The reason that the 2016 Presidential

Choose your Poison but not your President

I remember when living in Korea and serving as a missionary I had a conversation with one of the follow missionaries there about how few automobiles were available in Korea.  For the most part the only cars were Korean made vehicle.  Occasionally you would see and American-made vehicle and even more rarely you would see a German vehicle.  He commented on how many more vehicle options we had in the United States. Think about it, here in the United States we have more choices than just about any other country. Do you want to go out to eat? Do you

False Dichotomies: Republican vs. Democrat Part II

Last month I posted about the false dichotomy of the Republicans vs the Democrats.  But after I wrote it I felt like it was missing something.  Perhaps, it was because my post was really in response to a tragic incident, I let that cloud what I chose to talk about.  So, I would like to address this dichotomy again. While there are key differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, I am continually amazed that there is a lot of similarities.  I know this idea isn’t new.  I believe that there was a book written on the subject

Trump Should Release His Taxes

With the recent leaking of Donald Trump’s 1995 New York States tax returns by the New York Times, there has been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he paid zero taxes in 1995 to the State of New York.  That’s over 20 years ago.  This new information raises a few questions. First, who gave this information to the NYT?  Is it legal? Even if it is legal is it ethical? What are the privacy rights here.  But Trump, who doesn’t care much about privacy issues or ethical issues for that matter, doesn’t seem to care.  So, why