False Dichotomies: Republican vs. Democrat

The tragic events of the weekend are saddening.  It troubles me to think that anyone could perform any act of hatred in the name of God. I pray for those who were affected by these events and for their loved ones. I am about to be a hypocrite and use this tragic weekend to make a point.  However, I think that as you see my point, you may be willing to forgive me.  But I feel that this is a prime time to address one of my examples of our cultural false dichotomies. Because the two party system is the

False Dichotomies

I am incredibly disgusted at how we are told that we should be seeing the world as black and white, up or down, good or bad.  I am bothered how the use of false dichotomies are used to trick us into submitting to wrong.  While there is definite good and definite evil in the world, we aren’t always being told the truth about what those truths are.  We are often tricked into picking between two falsehoods. Evil exists.  I believe that.  I have seen evil in this world, and I have seen even influence me, family members and friends.  And

Faith Under Attack: Freedom of Religion Threatened

I started writing this post yesterday, but I felt that we needed to have a better understanding of how the attack on religion started.  So, i wanted to discuss how media has been changing our cultural view of religion. While, I do think that this has been orchestrated, I don’t believe that the people who have been causing this to happen had the destruction of religious freedom as their primary goal.  I am even so optimistic as to believe that those involved today are naive to the Devil’s plan. Our first amendment rights is under attack.  And the attack first

Faith Under Attack: Media’s Corruption of Christian Values

One of the primary reasons for my picking up the proverbial pen and blogging again, was because of lack of traditional Christian values in our day. I am not so naive as to believe that these values haven’t been waning for generations.  But I do feel that they are on the brink of becoming extinct. I am especially impressed with Matt Walsh’s continued pleading with his fellow Christian’s to start living the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught. He calls for them to not try and fit their faith around their sins, but rather to use their faith to help them

She’s Off to Serve the Lord

A little over 25 years ago, I left my home and family to serve a mission for my Savior and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a very exciting time for me.  I was probably nervous, but I can now only remember the excitement. It was something I dreamed of from the day I first learned that serving a mission was something I could do. I am excited again today for a similar but different reason. Last night, my daughter was set apart as a missionary for the Church to serve the Lord and her fellowmen.

Let Correct Principles, not Emotion, Govern Your Actions

Sometimes in life you meet people who change your life. Sometimes it is because of the actions of that person, sometimes it is because of something they teach you, and at other times it is because of the example they set.  It is rare in my opinion that you meet someone who influences you for the positive in all three. I know such a man.  He is the man who is serving as Stake President in our area (for the few readers who don’t know what a Stake Presiedent is; He is the religious leader of roughly 8-9 separate congregations