Deseret News Hypocrisy

When I first read the headline, Legislators’ Survey Are Not Exactly Unbiased, I couldn’t help but think: “pot meet kettle.” What is the Deseret News thinking accusing the Republican Legislators of using biased polls?  I have cited on this site several incidences of such bias.  Oh, just for the fun of it, let look at a few examples (listed in order of newest to oldest): Do Utahn’s Really Want a Tax Increase? Is the Race Between Chaffetz and Cannon Really Tight? More Dan Jones Antics. Another Biased Poll. And yet, they have the gall to accuse Repuplican Legislators of having

Do Utahns Really Want a Tax Increase?

I haven’t spoken much lately about a faulty Deseret News poll.  Not because they haven’t had them, but for the most part they were uninteresting.  Oh, they have gotten slightly better, but still they are skewed. However, the lastest poll results about Utahns wanting higher taxes is another example of their bias.  Look closely at the poll question to the right.  What do you see wrong with this picture? First, look at the question.  Is this not a leading question?  It is so leading that it is proceeded by 3 sentences.  Of course this is only to keep the uneducated

Is the Race between Chaffetz and Cannon Really Tight?

Okay we all know that the Deseret News’ cheif editor is Chris Cannon’s Brother, Joe Cannon. And we are all confident that Mr. Cannon would never let his paper show bias towards any candidate, right? (wink, wink, nod, nod). However, their recent news article on polling shows that bias again in two ways. As with all polling done by Dan Jones and associates, their polling numbers are outrageously low. For this politcal survey Dan Jones managed to poll a whopping total of 203 potential voters. To see this total look at this lovely graphic and read the parenthetical phrase at

I Don’t Fit the Mold

Maybe it’s because I am from Utah, but I don’t fit the statistic the Michael Medved quotes in his recent column on TV and Liberalism. I openly admit that I am a TV addict. I love TV and if I watch at least an hour everyday. Okay, I don’t get the 4 hours a day like the truly die hard viewers in the study, but I do watch a lot. Medved also comments that the research is inconclusive as to the cause of the correlation between television and liberalism. It is not known whether TV makes one more liberal or

More Dan Jones Antics

Okay, blaming Dan Jones for all of the problems with the Deseret News’ report that Utahns don’t want tax cuts for businesses isn’t enrtirely fair.  The Deseret News should carry some blame too. Specifically, I am concerned with the graphic presented in the article (also shown in this post).  I hate to repeat many previous posts slamming Dan Jones and the Deseret News.  But I must bring up at least three points on this. 1. Note that this has a margin of error (see the small print) of +/- 5%. This means that it is statistically believed that the “real”

Another Biased Poll

You all know my love for Polls.  You all know that I love to check for biased questioning and biased methods.  Well, It has been done again.  Regardless of whether you feel that polling is news or not, the newspapers are treating it as such, so we need to address it. Dan Jones and Associates, the Deseret News, and KSL-TV have conducted another poll of Utahns to discover what they think about the possibility of a tax cut.  I was amazed to see the results.  Supposedly 63% of Utahns favor spending more on State “needs.” That seemed just way too high for