Polling Opinions of the Pope

I just can’t get the ABC News Survey that I participated in on Thursday.  It seems to keep haunting me.  It’s like Nightmare on Elm Street (Jason keeps returning and returning). One of the questions that really baffled me was: “Do you approve of the selection of Pope Benedict XVI?”  Actually, I think they said Ratzinger, I don’t really remember, so I am choosing the more neutral (and perhaps appropriate title). I responded that I really don’t think that my opinion on that matters.  As a Latter-day Saint, I don’t believe that the Pope was chosen by God.  But I

ABC Poll. Fixed?

I received an interesting phone call tonight. Actually, it seems that I have been receiving a lot of these types of calls lately. The man on the other end stated that he wasn’t selling anything and that he was conducting a poll for ABC News / _______ (I forgot who else he said it was, it seems like Reuters). And I am always glad to share my opinion on such things. So, despite the fact that it cut into my TV time, I agreed to continue. Now before I go on, I wasn’t a big believer in the idea that